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A field effect transistor has only two layers of semiconductor material, one on top of the other. Electricity flows through one of the layers, called the channel. A voltage connected to the other layer, called the gate, interferes with the current flowing in the channel. Thus, the voltage connected to the gate controls the strength of the current in the channel. There are two basic varieties of field effect transistors-the junction field effect transistor(JFET) and the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET). Most of the transistors contained in today's integrated circuits are MOSFETS's.
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Field-Effect Transistor:

The function of Field Effect Transistors is similar to bipolar transistors (especially the type we will discuss here) but there are a few differences. They have 3 terminals as shown below. Two general types of FETs are the 'N' channel and the 'P' channel MOSFETs. Here we will only discuss the N channel. Actually, in this section, we'll only be discussing the most commonly used enhancement mode N channel MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor). Its schematic symbol is below. The arrows show how the LEGS of the actual transistor correspond to the schematic symbol.


Current Control:
The control terminal is called the gate. Remember that the base terminal of a bipolar transistor passes a small amount of current. The gate on the FET passes virtually no current when driven with D.C. When driving the gate with high frequency pulsed D.C. or A.C. there may be a small amount of current flow. The transistor's "turn on" (a.k.a. threshold) voltage varies from one FET to another but is approximately 3.3 volts with respect to the source.

When FETs are used in the audio output section of an amplifier, the Vgs (voltage from gate to source) is rarely higher than 3.5 volts. When FETs are used in switching power supplies, the Vgs is usually much higher (10 to 15 volts). When the gate voltage is above approximately 5 volts, it becomes more efficient (which means less voltage drop across the FET and therefore less power dissipation).

MOSFETS are commonly used because they are easier to drive in high current applications (such as the switching power supplies found in car audio amplifiers). If a bipolar transistor is used, a fraction of the collector/emitter current must flow through the base junction. In high current situations where there is significant collector/emitter current, the base current may be significant. FETs can be driven by very little current (compared to the bipolar transistors). The only current that flows from the drive circuit is the current that flows due to the capacitance. As you already know, when DC is applied to a capacitor, there is an initial surge then the current flow stops. When the gate of an FET is driven with a high frequency signal, the drive circuit essentially sees only a small value capacitor. For low to intermediate frequencies, the drive circuit has to deliver little current. At very high frequencies or when many FETs are being driven, the drive circuit must be able to deliver more current.

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hi all.. m back wid some softwares .. I noe it shuld be posted in softwares section./.. bt i guess membrs neve visits it ... so m makin topic fr LIE detectr software ...
name soundz intrstin na
n yahh keep this software here fr atleast 2 days .. uske baad transfr links of software to software section no probs...
bt mods pls dnt del topic coz its rare n vry diffrnt typea software ...
Lie detector software
This is a fun software which knows when you tell lies
try it and u will see!!

Some explanation on how it operates

Truster is a fully computerized voice stress analyzer that allows you to detect the truth instantly. Based on an ingenious new algorithm to detect vocal stress, Truster is a simple yet powerful software tool for identifying a deception on the phone or in person.

What Is The Need?
Ever since people acquired the capability of speech, lying and deception have been inescapable facts of everyday life. Conventional lie detector results are not admissible in court because people can physically alter their behavior to appear to be telling the truth. The human voice on the other hand, cannot be manipulated. It is a complex instrument for expressing a full range of emotional and cognitive states of mind, that even the best voice training in the world cannot overcome. Better yet, vocal segments can be gathered and analyzed over the phone, taken from TV or radio shows, or even in a face to face conversation, without the subject being aware
What Is IT Based On?
Did you know that the human voice consists of six global levels?
1. The textual level - the words we speak.
2. The identifying level - unique elements in every individual's voice.
3. The intonation level - the way we express ourselves.
4. The emotional level - an uncontrolled element of the voice that indicates the
level of excitement and the emotions they attach to what they are saying.
5. The cognitive level - an uncontrolled element of the voice that indicates the
amount of conflict or agreement with the spoken sentence.
6. The physiological element - indicates the stress, physiological alertness and
general physiological condition.

Truster examines the emotional, cognitive and physiological patterns in our voice to deliver accurate messages regarding vocal segments of a conversation or broadcast.

How Does It Work?
Truster produces a computerized analysis of the speech flow to distinguish between nonverbal emotional, cognitive and stressful elements within the human voice. When all is said and done, a lie is a deviation from how one would answer an obvious question such as, What is your name? A subject may answer the exact same question differently in different situations. For example, the reaction to asking a subject how much money they made in a
certain period will vary depending on whether it is during a free conversation, job interview, or legal proceeding. Lying or attempting to be faithful to the truth requires much more exertion than answering an obvious question, but it also depends on the circumstances.

What Do The Results Mean?
The proper interpretation of the results is crucial to the process. There are three main indications that a person is lying. When a person is stressed, confused and excited all at the same time, chances are that they are lying. However, very few people (1%) lie very convincingly without any of the above symptoms because they do not feel that there is anything wrong with lying, and/or they might not feel a need to be faithful to the truth. The system will not detect a lie if a dishonest person claims something happened and genuinely believes it to be true. That is precisely why we recommend using your common sense in analyzing Truster results.

Try to focus on finding deviations in the results. For example, an honest person may get stressed, confused and excited while trying to stick to facts exactly as they remembered them. An honest person may feel that they are speaking the truth but actually be lying to themselves. A person may state that they are going to overcome certain obstacles, but may not truly believe in their capability to do so. Truster will pick that up as a deviation, but it certainly does not mean that the subject is dishonest. They may merely be inaccurate, or unsure of their words, as Truster will display throughout the conversation.

another same typea software
ex-senser lie detctr




hack webmaster protect pages with passwords

webmaster protect pages with passwords to make sure that only those people who have got valid passwords can see them!

but, we can see those password protected pages by bruteforcing!

in this case we are taking the help of a tool named as "Webcracker"

This article simply teaches on "How to Use Webcracker" tO enter password protected pages!

Lets start,

1:first find a password protected page:

For this example, we are taking this Url:

Its a password protected page so, in order to crack its password we need the tool "Webcracker"

Here is the download link to download "Webcracker"


Description OF "Webcracker":


This program exploits a rather large hole
in web site authentication methods.
Password protected websites can be
easily brute-force hacked, because there is
no set limit on the number of time an
incorrect password or User ID can be tried.

Web Cracker was designed for Web Masters
to test the vulnerability of their own
sites. It SHOULD NOT be used by unauthorized
persons to hack into web sites. Such
use is ILLEGAL and could have SEVERE PENALTIES.
Neither myself nor anyone involved
with the development of Web Cracker will be
liable for the misuse of this program.
Use Web Cracker ONLY at your own risk,
ONLY for lawful purposes, and ONLY on your own
web site.

Now, lets start:

1.Download webcracker from the link given above

2.start webcracker

3.See the picture for help on "How to use"

look at the picture carefully!

1.Enter the location of the "username" File
2. Enter the location of the "password" file
3. Enter the password protected "url".

Click the start button below the file menu:

Now, give it some time to crack the username/password for you!

it will take time depending on the complexity of the password!

After some time, you will most likely be receiving a message Screen like this:

Now, just copy the username and password from the list [the one which is showing a resutl of 200 Ok]

open the page in your browser and you are In

RapidShare Bruteforcer!

RapidShare Bruteforcer!


This require the .NET 2.0 Framework installed!

-Bruteforce Attacks.
-List checker. (Check a list of words for premium account names.)


website cracker

This pack was specifically designed for web application or website hacking & cracking. These files are self contained in there zip files so they are free to use without opening and using a AIO pack.

I originally assembled this pack for a friend who wanted a website cracking and hacking toolkit to start him off and I thought why not put it out on the web and save a lot people the time and trouble looking for one.

(Note!! Anti-virus software don't take well to hack-tools and if you get a false warning, ignore it and add the program you want to run to exclusions list because this pack is trojan, backdoor and malicious code FREE.)


Access Driver v4.402
Ares v2.0
Brutus aet2
Caecus 1.2
C-Force V1.01b
Form@ v0.8.2
GoldenEye v1.0.6
HTTP_Bugger v2.2
Sentry 2.0
WebCrack v4.0
wwwHack v1.9
Xfactor v4.2
XpBrute v1.0


Automated Proxy Leecher v1.3
Charon v0.6
Proxy Finder Enterprise v1.95
Proxy Valid G.E.v1
ProxyFire v1.17
ProxyGrab v0.6
ProxyRama 1.7.4
S-P Leecher v2.0

--Proxy Checkers--
Bleach v1.10
Proxy.Checker v.7.4.18


Athena v1.6
Staph v1.25
Z-Leecher v1.1.0


--Advanced Exploiters--
These Tools Have Many Features

Burpsuite v1.1
Paros v3.2.13
Jackal-X v2.4
Triton v2.1
Wikto v1.6

--HTTP Exploiters--

Addebugger v5.0
KSoze's HTTP Exploiter v0.2

--SQL Injection Toolz--

BobCat Alphav0.3
EvilNeedle v0.1
Scully Installer v1.2

--CGI Exploiters--

CCBill-Local Exploiter v0.21
Hephaestus's Ashen Spear v2.5
VoidEye v0.4b4

--Other Good Exploiters--

CMXploiter v4.0
DirBuster v0.9.10
Predator v1.0.5
Web Share Finder 1.2


Sploof v0.90
Spooph v2.1.4
TotalSpoof v1.4.4
ZSpoof v2.3




John the Ripper
PasswordPro v2.4.1.0
-John The Ripper GUI Tools-
Gooey v2
John32 v3.0
John the Ripper GUI
Velocity Cracking Utilities v1.0


Blade's Password Generator
EasyPass v2.0.10
Lucifer v0.5
Passwords & Keys
Raptor 3
S-Cipherer v0.1b
Sentinel Password Generator v1.0
Password Generator
S-Generator v1.0.1
Dabest Wordlist Generators


ALS Novice
Mail Parser

----LOG TOOLS----

Horny Stripper 1.0
Log Sucker 1.3
LogRip v0.52


XP-SP2 TCP Patch

Many Video and Text Tutorials
Wiley The Web Application Hackers Handbook