Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Advanced Rapidshare Hacking

Advanced Rapidshare Hacking

We all know that getting a new IP address from ISP allows us to download the next file from RapidShare. I bet many of us know this concept long ago but there wasn't any program that can do this. Now, here is a program called Cryptload that is able to download the first file automatically without you entering the CAPTCHA code, and when it finished downloading, it will try to download the second file. Once it detects "You have reached the download-limit for free-users" message from RapidShare, it'll disconnect and reconnect your Internet to get a new IP address. Then it'll continue downloading the second file. All this is done automatically and you only need to add the RapidShare links to Cryptload. How easy is that?
Unlimited rapidshare downloading But before you get to automate RapidShare downloading, I'll show you what you need to do because I was stuck for a few days on Cryptload with some problems. Cryptload options buttonMost important setting that you must get it right is the Router section. Other than that, there is nothing else you need to configure in Cryptload. You can access Cryptload options by clicking the top right button that looks like this. Click on the Router button to configure your router settings. If you are using a modem to connect to the internet, select the Modem button. How do you know if you're using a modem or router? If you need to dial up to the Internet like the below image, then you're using a modem.

Chk DIS:-

If your internet automatically when you turn on the power for the small box, then it's a router. So if you are using a router, click on the dropbox and search for your router model in the list.

Chk DIs:-

Here are the settings you must configure correctly.
IP Address: The IP Address of your router. To know your router's IP address, run command prompt, type ipconfig and the Default Gateway is your router's IP address.
Username and Password: The username and password used to login to your router. Please check your router's manual if you don't know the default login data.
Waittime after reconnect in sec: This is the time that it'll wait to download the next RapidShare file after Cryptload tries to reconnect to the Internet. It depends on your ISP. Some might take longer to reconnect. Try 15 seconds first and if your Internet doesn't gets connected before 15 seconds, increase it to 30 seconds and so on... Now you can use Cryptload to automate RapidShare downloading. Here is how I do it.
1. Collect all RapidShare links that I want to download and paste them into a text file.
Unlimited rapidshare downloading
2. Run Cryptload
3. On the text file, press CTRL+A to select all, and then press CTRL+C. Link collector will appear and it will automatically decrypt the links
4. Press Add button and press OK at Package settings. You can change the downloaded files location if you want. What if your router's model is not in the list? Not to worry at all because the people who created Cryptload are very nice people and they are very willing to help you to create CLR file to support your router. Here's what you need to do. 1. Install Live HTTP Headers extension for your Firefox browser.
2. Run Firefox, go to Tools -> Live HTTP Headers. Make sure capture checkbox is checked.
3. Go to Firefox window, login to your router, manually disconnect and then reconnect to the internet.
4. Go back to the Live HTTP headers, click Save all button and save it as router.txt
5. Click close to close Live HTTP headers.
6. Go to www.nopaste.com, enter your name in Nick, Description as your router brand with model and firmware version if possible. Make sure Plain is selected for language. Click on the Browse button and look for the router.txt file. Finally click Paste.
7. Wait for a few seconds, and you'll be forwarded to a new page with the URL something like http://nopaste.com/p/xXXxxXxxX.
8. Go to www.cryptload.info website, at Live-Support, enter your username (your name), E-mail and click Los button. If cryptload staff is available, you can give them the nopaste URL to create your router's CLR file. If not, you can fill up the form to send an email to them. I am sure they'll get back to you with your CLR file. Another way is to join Cryptload IRC channel and try getting help there. The person that patiently helped me from the beginning till the end was Apokalypser.
IRC Server: irc.german-elite.net
Channel: #cryptload Once you got the CLR file from Cryptload staff, copy it to Cryptload's router folder and it'll be included in the router list when you run Cryptload the next time. Cryptload is a perfect way to unlimited rapidshare downloading. Well, only perfect for those with dynamic IP address. It is developed by shira, bocka and apokalypser. For those with static IP adress Rapid GraB may be the best way for you. NOTE: Cryptload requires at least Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 and above.