Thursday, November 15, 2007


HackerZ Online
A salute to all the HackerZ,
This is a message from the webmaster Of HackerZ Online. With dew respect and efforts of my moderators and super moderators, I would like to inform the hackerZ Out here that our site has reached the height that we had thought to achieve and that too in less than the time expected for it.
In the new phase of our site, we have the following(softwares and information) as our salient features :
1. Best Of HackerZ Online Kit.
2. HackerZ Online Tutorials updated
3. Gaming Competetion
4. Hacking Competetion
5. Unlimited Softwares
6. Unlimited Codes
7. Unlimited Hacking Videos

So, people what are you waiting for ? Just Log onto to see it all.
Best Of Luck to all the HackerZ.

H@ckerZ Online