Saturday, November 10, 2007

CMD Quickies!

CMD Quickies!
Here are some CMD quickies --

This is for educational purpose only:-

A handy collection of command line tools

cpuinfo.exe - gets the processor type and CPU clocking speed (mhz)
fport.exe - shows open ports and the process that owns the port
iplist.exe - enumerates the ip's of the computer
md5.exe - gets the md5 hash of a file
pw2kget.exe - for win2k gets the password of the currently logged on user
pwreveal.exe - gets the passwords of any window that has a ****** editbox
regshell.exe - a commandline registry explorer/editor
resolve.exe - a commandline URL resolver
sendmail.exe - a commandline email sender
uptime.exe - gets the machines current uptime
xwhois - advanced whois lookup
Screencap.exe - makes a screenshot of the screen and saves it to screenshot.bmp
CMDget.exe - Downloads a file from a website from user provided parameters
webscr.exe - creates a snapshot from the webcam and saves it
shutd.exe - program that forces shutdown/reboot of machine
bnc.exe - bnc for windows (see bnc.cfg)
clslog.exe - clears app/security/system logs XP/NT/2k
enum.exe - enumerates IPC$ share to collect information
winfo.exe - enumerates IPC$ share to collect information
FTPd.exe - small ftp server for dos (see slimftpd.conf)
Global.exe - process dos command on all disc/subdirs
iCmd.exe - telnet server 98/xp/nt/2k
iislog.exe - clears IIS logs
Info.exe - gets system information
ispc.exe - spawns shell on hacked IIS (put idq.dll on remote script dir)
nc.exe - netcat
pv.exe - process manager for dos
Pwdump.exe - dumps SAM hashes
scrnmode.exe - change screen mode from dos
unrar.exe - unrar for dos
wget.exe - wget for windows
wizmo.exe - command tool (see w.txt)
dwpp.exe - dial up password graber
winrelay.exe - relay tcp/udp connections
getad.exe - escalate to admin user in w2k
pipeup.exe - escalate to admin user in w2k
dnsid - identify remore dns server
rinetd.exe see rinetd.txt

i hav also command tools
must see all of them