Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cookies steal hack

* You will need to download Mozilla Firefox even if you have a newer version of firefox, and install Add N Edit Cookies Add-on.

* Go to your any friend's profile, click on Edit menu, click on View Source button.

* Press ctrl+f and type your own Orkut Profile name exactly.

* It will search for your name and that line would be something like this-

p class="thumb">"http://img4.orkut.com/images/small/1188155949/78899849jpg" alt="" title="your orkut's original name" >

* The numbers in red would be your GID number.

* You will need a Cookie Stealing Code for accessing the victim's account. To get the Code
Now, edit Type your GID here with your GID number.

* Ask the person whom you want to hack to Copy & Paste this script in his Scrapbook's URL Bar and hit Enter.

* The victim's cookie will come to your Scrapbook and will look something like this.


* Open your Add N Edit Cookies Add-on from the Tools menu à Cookie Editor and search for the Site Name --- orkut.com and the Cookie Name --- orkut_state.

* Click on Edit, Copy and Paste the value in the Content box from ORKUTPREF=ID=…….till…….5hrrk=:, click on Save and refresh Firefox