Friday, November 16, 2007

Create Orkut's Fake Login Page

Create Orkut's Fake Login Page!
Create Orkut's Fake Login Page!
* Open your Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox!

* Open but don't Sign in there.

* Open the source code of it and copy the whole code and save it as Orkut Page Source in your Notepad.

* Open Orkut Page Source in Notepad and press ctrl+f and type
* Erase that whole line and the next line.

* Now, copy and paste the following code there.

* Also change rename your e-mail ID in the above code.

* Now, press ctrl+f again and type there so u have to change it as

* Save it as orkut.html

* Now, go to and make an account there.

* Login there and open File Manager and upload that orkut.html.

* Check the URL there and now the site is all yours.