Wednesday, November 7, 2007

hacking websites

hacking websites
hacking websites
some one hacked my caste website
he said he used the technique of getting control panel
and he hacked it
username =administrator
password changed now
brute force it
somebody hacked the accounts easily of rediffmail
that guy hacked my girl friends mailids
using brutus software
how he hacked that is explained in my community
someone hacked my citywebsite
using sqlinjection he also got the database of it
username=1' or '1'1
password same
now u logged in
use simple sql commands to get the database
use the sense of java
now ur turn did ur friend hacked a site
he hacked
wat were the results
tell me how many sites he hacked and post the names of sites
and the procedure he used
my friend wants to see it seems
see u soon in 15 days kewl
want to see the whether website stores ur ip
then goto this pornsite
select any pic
click it
it takes u to next page
view the source code of it
u can see ur ip in that source
this technique works for all sites
search for ur ip in this site
as i did so 3 years back
i cant open this in my home to explain u in detail
u try
defenetely u see ur ip inthat
then i tell u how to hack this site from ur home in simpe way
if u dont see the ip there
see at paypal
u defentely get it
dont give up
click the images wat u see now
u can see something like this
half of the process i over
now u have to see whether that site is vulnerable or not
then follow this step
write in google as
now if we can see like this in the google links
FileSearch -
now u can say this server is vulnerable
click it
u can see the link
like this

this link is showing the path
u can make smple variations like
if u remove system32 in url
u can see winnt
u can get the passwordlist of users
easy see
search in it
i have seen this site
i just wanted to see
what he is doing with the public
who walked with him.
then i entered into google
(services is the keyword
which is available in every server
which is protected.)
services foldr is displayed here
then seee
u will see the password in services folder in encrypted form
dont use jhon the ripper
because this site is not using linux
its waste of time to decrypt the password
use the
loft crack software u r in
so u can do much here
which cant be accesed by normal way