Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hacking Windows Xp Login passwords

Hacking Windows Xp Login passwords
Hacking Windows Xp Login passwords
" its very easy to hack into a user account in windows xp using ..administrator logon.

1. when Xp asks the User password .Press Ctrl + Alt + Del.
2. type user name as " Administrator" and leave the password field blank

Note : normally most of the poor users of the windows xp leaves the administrator account as not we can user the windows xp default account to logon...

3. then goto start-> Run -> type " Cmd" as command -> use the following commands to reset that user password

4. c:/windows/../document and settings> net user

Note: it will show all the user names registered in the windows xp

5. next you have to note the user name as it is to hack into..

6. use the following commands to hack its account. exampe , if my victim is "Sandi"
I will use it as the following

Net user Sandi *

thats its buddy now the xp will ask you for the new passowrd and to confirm ..just give a new password to that account ..give it.and reboot and longon to that account.

note if you guys wanna screen shots for more help please reply.....

if you guys know anything more please share it with us.........


I need to hack admin too in logon screen
verify is it work

< Do it usiong startp up floppy disk>
cd windows
cd system 32
del logon.scr
rename cmd.exe logon.scr

Now in logon screen

wait insted of screen saver, cmd is opened.

now try "net user admin *"

Is notr working in some of my friends computer