Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to keep CPU cool

How to keep CPU cool???
To keep your CPU cool you need to know first, why it gets heated?
In completely technical jargon, there is coupling between the phonon
field and the free electron field. Essentially electrons bumping into
the atoms causes vibrations in the atomic lattice which is heat.
However, when some conductors are cold enough they become
superconductors. When that happens pairs of electrons couple through
interactions with the phonon field and those pairs are bosons. This
allows the pairs to travel without resistance and without generating heat.

The power supply, through the use of a catalyst, turns atmoshperic CO2
and water vapor into methane and ozone (that's what the fan is for).
the ozone is passed over an enzyme, which converts it to oxygen, which
is released (through the fan). the methane molecules are chained
together forming kerosene through non-aqueous osmosis.

the kerosene is then burned to power your computer, and that's where
the heat comes from.

From a programmers perspective, to keep your CPU cool, we shud be running one process in background with lowest priority. This process will raise its priority to highest whenever the system is idle. What this process is??? The process will simply keep on executing NOP instruction. (ya i knw this will not help a lot but shud help in reduction of heat generation by 1% which will help extending of expiry date of CPU by atleast 1yr).. ;)