Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How to run yahoo messenger on your mobile for free

How to run yahoo messenger on your mobile for free
As you all know airtel live is by default free to activate and use on all the airtel connections and when it comes to yahoo services airtel live contains a yahoo zone with which you can use various yahoo services like yahoo chat with rs. 30/- per month.

But why pay , if you can access yahoo mobile web messenger for free.

So,to access it for free Go to the address option in your mobile browser and type the following url: hxxp://

rename hxxp:// to http://

Page will open login screen of yahoo to enjoy uninterrupted and absolutely free

Y! messenger services.

Send free sms up to 2,048 characters to any mobile
Yes , its really true because with cellity freeSMS installed on your Java MIDP1 and MIDP2 enabled phone you can simply send a free sms up to 2048 characters via gprs to any mobile phone number in the world.

cellity freeSMS, which is available now as a freeware! can be used to send sms to any mobile number with any network in the world.

Are you worried about the Sms Charges ?

Sending and receiving short messages results in no fees through cellity.

Your provider will not charge anything for SMS if you use cellity freeSMS tool

But the cost of data traffic (via GPRS) if any at your mobile connection.

Why it rocks ?

Because it works all over the world, with any cellphone company .so you don’t need to use No new phone number, no new SIM card, no new contract required!

Cellity Ping Free

If your receiver’s cellity freeSms tool is not open then he will immediately receive a unanswerable ping call free of charge! so he knows that a new SMS is waiting and can be directly picked up when starting his cellity freeSMS.

Installation of Cellity Free Sms Tool

Download the messenger software from here or visit hxxp://

Rename hxxp:// to http://

after download it will ask you to install the application, so please do so.
now verify your identity typing in your phone number including the international telephone prefix code for your country (i.e. +91XXXYYYZZZZ for india)
You will then receive a traditional SMS stating your password.
so now you can send freeSMS to all your friends now and If they do not have the freeSMS application then: The message is stored on our server and a traditional SMS is sent to reciever, informing him about the new product and offering him to download the file.
If you are not actively using the application, then put it to “minimize“; but do not turn it off. So now you can still receive new messages, even when the application is running in the background.


Works on all the Java MIDP1 and MIDP2 enabled phone, which means it also works on most of the Symbian and Windows Mobile phones.


Download Cellity FreeSms Tool(midp1 high)


Download Cellity FreeSms Tool(midp1 low)


automate the dailing sequences when you dial CCare
Yes , you heard me right you can simply automate most of your operations like talking to a customer care representative.

Lets first analyze what happened when you dial your customer care you want to directly talk to customer care representative and you want to cut out the crap that you have to listen and press the corresponding keys on your phone to go forward.

So when you dial number, +12345678, followed by “p” character, which means pause. The “p character will pause the dial sequence for 1 second“. If you find 1 second is not enough, you can enter more “p” characters

If you want to automate the call and don’t want to press the keys do it this way.

Lets assume that your customer care no is 1234 and the combination of keys you have to press is 1120

So to automate this process type 1234p1p1p2p0 and press the dial button you will be directly routed to the customer care representative ,you can use this procedure to answer any automated system.

How to read orkut scraps directly on your fone
Everybody knows orkut has become an addiction for lots of guys here in india and other countries, as people are so much addicted that they want to check for any new scrap after every minute in a hope they would have received a scrap from their friends at orkut.

So i was just finding a way how you an simply read your orkut scrap book directly from your gprs enabled mobile phone.

How To Do it:

1.First Login to orkut.

2. Go to your profile and copy the uid in numeral in the address bar

3. Now to go to the “Enter url address option” in your mobile browser.

4. Now type ““(without quotes).

5. that’s it! Done.