Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lan Hacking

atlast i am able to hack lan

Lan Hacking

hey peeps, i have some answers to ur ques,,

1) Hamachi Server>>downlaod from www . hamachi . cc

2) LAN hacking:

there are many ways:
i)Try connecting to remote PC using username as Admnistrator and pass as blank, but this is not possible if u r under some gateway or network firewall, coz administrator a/c is enabled in those PC's, but hacking ur frenz pc, this thing helps most of time.

uname > administrator
pwd >
is reffered as system hidden admin a/c if not configured

ii) Next way is try sniffing packets and cookies, thats what most of softwares do, or they search for open ports,
adn ppl whu are try to telnet their frenz PC, they can never do it, firt u need to configure telnet on remote pc, by default its not confogured.

iii) net user only works if u have admin acceess, y the hell u want to change pas if u r on admin access.