Saturday, November 24, 2007

must see

daily i am writing the online exam in our colz....using lan....all the question papers are stored in server.....we are using the systems which are connected using there any way to hack all those question papers......(we are able to use only the systems which are connected in lan)..
ur in lan
note down ur server ip
u may not have the option of cmd prompt in ur pc
then open note pad
write this code
@echo off
@echo on
and save it as cmd.bat
now u got the cmd prompt
in that write
explorer \\serverip\
u will now get the shared folders in a page
goto that url and write as c$
now u may access the c drive of that pc .
if u cant access that means it is asking u password and userename
then u download a software called pqwak, with that u can brute force it
tell me ur server webite name
write that in ur website
for example
if its webiste name is
guess the extensions to it
this opens the privacy data
to know ur server ip write as nslookup in cmd
but this guy is saying that question papers r made by one main system
so forget abt server
to chinnu :
tell me url of ur question paper
i mean wat u see in address bar while writing exam
when u writing an exam
see the adress bar
wat it contains
it contains like
goto cmd
type as ping
u will get the server ip
, then u follow the recent steps which i told in previous posts
or else write in google as
this works defenetely , i did twice in my online exams
u will get the stuff what ever is this in that server
if it is not protected strongly
defenetely it is not protected i know tat
key logger stores what we have chatted ,
what ever key we r pressed it stores.
but sniffim is a software is used to fetch the conversation from another sytem when we install sniff im in our system , just open it in our system , when some one of our lan is chatting then it shows what he is chatting in our system.
u can see , if it is not password protected ,if
it i spassword protected use address bar technique like www,
yup u got the point atlast
y didnt u gave me the orginal ip
u showed me the fake one
i would have tried if u have told the real ip
then write in cmd as
ping ip
this is know the ipname
then u get as
wrte in goole as answers