Thursday, November 8, 2007

orkut virus remove

Oh, this is a common virus at my comp labs. This also affects Firefox, I believe. To get rid of it, you need to open the Windows Manager taskbar (ctrl+shift+esc), and click on process. Theres a rouge svchost.exe process under the username you have logged in, in the next column. If you logged in as Ankur, the svchost.exe is run under that. End that process immediately.

If any doubt, just end any svchost.exe process thats NOT under SYSTEM, NETWORK SERVICE or LOCAL SERVICE.

Next, open your root drive (C:\) and make sure you can see all hidden files and protected operating files. The folder you want to delete is "heap41a".

This virus is commonly spread through pen drives. The pen drives are infected with a file called microsoftpowerpoint.exe or something like that, and it is run by an autorun.ini file. Make sure you end the svchost.exe process to delete both the heap41a and the .exe file in the pendrive. Its pretty annoying. Good luck!