Saturday, November 24, 2007

record keystrokes by other user in LAN ??

record keystrokes by other user in LAN ??
Moderator / Binny ..
can u tell me how to log all the keystrokes or messages being sent by a user in a LAN.
I want to know what my friend is chatting online sitting at my PC. I want to get a log of all the activities.
usernames and passwords being typed.
what are the steps to be followed.

thank u

3 answers
1)install key logger in his system or
2) download sniffim in ur system and open it , thats all no need to mention his ip in sniffim, it directly feteches the chatting conversations in lan and shows to u
3) using linux live cd , u can see his desktop as if u r sitting on ur pc,and u can do operations on his pc just like doing on ur pc
hey yeh keylogger kaun sa download karna hai..........

google par to bahut sare mil rahe hai...........
1-actual keylogger
2-all in ine keylogger
3-keylogger actualspy
4-advanced keylogger
5-family keylogger etc

yaar kaun sa download karna hai.... plz tell me

aur kuch keylogger ke bare maine help bhi de dena...... my friends say it is very difficult and dangerous software

reply me soon
every keylogger does the same job
but the differences is
1) one version is detected by antivirus
2)another version is cannot be detected by macafee but detected by norton
3)another version cnnot be detected by both anivirsuses
4)another version is compiled with pestil software ,this one is dangerous this cannot be detected by any antivirus softwares
normally pestil is used to compile trojens so that they will not get detected