Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shortcuts to your favourite websites?

Shortcuts to your favourite websites?
Hate typing tha annoying long website address? Here's tha solution. With tha click of tha keyboard buttons within no time ur there in your favourite websites. hehe

yahoomail :- ytrytr ctrl+enter

microsoft :- mjumju ctrl+enter

youtube :- ygvygv ctrl+enter

orkut :- okmokm ctrl+enter

rediffmail :- rtyrty ctrl+enter

imagevenue :- ijnijn ctrl+enter

istockphoto :- iuyiuy ctrl+enter

bestbuy :- bgtbgt ctrl+enter

badongo :- bvcbvc ctrl+enter

careerbuilder:- cftcft ctrl+enter
nytimes :- nbvnbv ctrl+enter

netflix :- nhynhy ctrl+enter

rapidshare :- rfvrfv ctrl+enter :- uytuyt ctrl+enter :- vgyvgy ctrl+enter

usatoday :- uhbuhb ctrl+enter

uwants :- ujmujm ctrl+enter :- xdrxdr ctrl+enter :- xswxsw ctrl+enter

myrealdoor :- mnbmnb ctrl+enter