Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some Jokes

Some Jokes
In a operational systems conference, Bill Gates shows the brand new Windows XYZ²/2 wich has crashed 2 times when installing a network board. The first error screen was blue and the second was pink (uncle Bill told that the pink color was a inovation). Steve Jobes presents the Mac OS Cu Beta3 wich also crash when trying to format a diskette and run a file at same time. "We need to improve multi-task before launch the system" said Jobs. Linus Torvalds went there to show the kernel 9967734.34 of Linux but instead he talks about the vantages of Transmeta Crusoé in comparation with others processors. After all, Linus also has selled some shirts.
In the bathroom the 3 urinated and starts to talk:
- We from Apple are meticulous!(Said Jobs after wash his hands)
- We from Microsoft are metoculous and perfectionists!(Said Gates after wash his hands)
Linus was leaving when they asked:
- Why are you leaving without wash your hands?
Linus says:
- We, open-source programmers, don't urinate on our hands!

A cannibal went to the market to buy a brain for dinner:
- How much for the programmer brain?
- 30 bucks the kilo.
- And for the user brain?
- 400 bucks the kilo.
- What??? 400 bucks for a kilo of brain?
- Do you have any idea of how much users are needed to get a kilo of brain?