Tuesday, November 20, 2007

starts with histry

histry of hacking:
Kevin Mitnick, often incorrectly called by many God of hackers, broke into the computer systems of the World's top technology and telecommunications companies Nokia, Fujitsu, Motorola, and Sun Micro systems. He was arrested by the FBI in 1995, but later released on parole in 2000. He never termed his activity hacking, instead he called it social engineering.
November 2002

Englishman Gary McKinnon was arrested in November 2002 following an accusation that he hacked into more than 90 US military computer systems in the UK. He is currently undergoing trial in a British court for a fast-track extradition to the US where he is a Wanted man. The next hearing in the case is slated for today

Hacking Methods:
Phising Method- Phising is the method that you are familiar with. You create a Fake Account and ID in yahoo and fool your friends by telling them to send the victim's ID, their own ID and their own Password in your Fake Yahoo Account.

Brute Force Hack- Brute Force Hack is a Hacking which takes much time to get Password of the Victim and it needs a Hacker to learn about JavaScripts and all the non-sense.

Fake Login Hack- Fake Login Hack is the Hacking used by most of you for your goal by creating a Fake Login Page and telling your friends to login there and the Password would come to you.

Cookie Steal Hack- Cookie Steal Hack is somewhat similar to Fake Login Hack as you prepare a Cookie Stealer and tell your friends to open your Cookie so that his Password would come to you.

Web Mail Hack- Web Mail Hack is the toughest method to learn for Hacking as it also needs a Hacker to learn about JavaScripts, Computer Tricks and much more and ther is also a software for this type of Hack.

Types of Hacking:
White Hat Hacker- Also referred as Ethical Hacker or sometimes called as Sneakers. A White Hat Hacker mainly focuses on securing corporate Network from outsider threat. They are with good intention who fight against Black Hat.

Grey Hat Hacker- They are Skilled Hacker who sometimes act legally and sometime not. In simple word you may call a Grey Hat hacker as Hybrid between White Hat and Black Hat hacker

Black Hat Hacker- Also referred as Cracker. A Black Hat Hacker's intention is to break into others Network, and wish to secure his own machine. They often uses different techniques for breaking into systems which can involve advanced programming skills and social engineering.