Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To send a file to a remote computer:-

1. Open HyperTerminal.

2. Open a saved connection file or create a new connection.

3. Connect to the remote computer.

4. On the Transfer menu, click Send File.

5. In the Filename box, type the path and name of the file you want to send.

6. In the Protocol list, click the protocol your computer is using to send the file.

7. Click Send.

And make sure:

Both the sending computer and the receiving computer must be using the same file transfer protocol.

In most cases, you need to configure the file-transfer software on the remote computer so that it receives the file correctly. For more information, contact the administrator of the remote computer.

If you use the Zmodem protocol to transfer data, the remote computer will receive the file automatically and will not need to perform a manual receive procedure.

Be aware that the automatic download feature of the Zmodem protocol can pose a security risk by allowing remote users to send files to your computer without your explicit permission. To avoid this risk, you must select a protocol other than Zmodem or clear the Allow remote host initiated file transfers check box on the Settings tab of Connection Properties.