Monday, November 12, 2007

Video]SQL Injestion and tools

Video]SQL Injestion and tools
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SQL Injection
What is SQL Injection Vulnerability?
SQL Insertion Discovery
Blank sa Password
Simple Input Validation
SQL Injection
OLE DB Errors
blah' or 1=1
Stealing Credit Card Information
Preventing SQL Injection
Database Specific SQL Injection
Hacking Tool: SQLDict
Hacking Tool: SQLExec
Hacking Tool: SQLbf
Hacking Tool: SQLSmack
Hacking Tool: SQL2.exe
Hacking Tool: Oracle Password Buster

Hacking Wireless Networks
802.11 Standards
What is WEP?
Finding WLANs
Cracking WEP keys
Sniffing Trafic
Wireless DoS Attacks
WLAN Scanners
WLAN Sniffers
MAC Sniffing
Access Point Spoofing
Securing Wireless Networks
Hacking Tool: NetTumbler
Hacking Tool: AirSnort
Hacking Tool: AiroPeek
Hacking Tool: WEP Cracker
Hacking Tool: Kismet
WIDZ- Wireless IDS

Virus and Worms
I Love You
Pretty Park
Code Red Worm
W32/Opaserv Worm
Code Red
SQL Slammer
How to write your own Virus?
Worm Construction Kit