Saturday, November 24, 2007

]View locked album

]View locked album
View locked album

photos == is the pic can vary from 1-100

GID == whose pic is to be viewed


Finding GID:
First know ur GID

when we view SOURCE of any profile in that codes there is GID

method 1:
well u cant use this method if u dont hav photo uploaded ... but its the easiest way

go to ur profile page (or sb) and click on view source

u can see something like this

now 51501122 is gid of my account ... find urs by the say way and replace in the cookie stealing script

method 2:
this method is useful if u dont hav a photo in the account but u should atleast one friend in ur account...

go to

go to the source of the page

u can see some thing like this


now replace 51501122 with ur gid in the cookie stealing script

the other part i.e. 55326368 is the gid of your friend.