Saturday, November 17, 2007

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spoof site

Super Mega Spoof" one of the best spoofer and very easy to use----

1. Install "super mega spoof"
2. click on "top spoofs" and select either recent spoofs or popular spoofs and wait until this screen appear..
than select any website and than click on "spoof"

this will allow you to enter into the MEMBERS area of selected website or u can search for ur favrate website

Itzz Also works On porn sites

Download Here -
***Proxy*** Putty Tuneling Tutorial
1.Download Putty: SSH client (no other SSH Client) and save it to desktop
download link: hxxp:// Putty.exe go down (by your left) & look for SSH Options then click it then click "Tunnels"
3.In Source Port,put any port you like(80 & 8080 is best)
4.then click on Dynamic
5.Then click add;End results is will be shown in the open space will be D80 or D8080 (that is if you use 80 or 8080.)
6.Go back to the putty ip/hostname input(click on "Session" located at the left side top of the Options)
7.Login to your Putty.
8.Go to IE or Firefox & click on Options:Connections,then go to Socks Option & input: (or 8080)
Then click Ok.then exit the Options of IE or Firefox.
9.Check your IP @ or etc.
10.Make sure ur connection is stable & ur putty login session doesnt time out..

its good found in another comm