Saturday, November 10, 2007

websnake explained

websnake explained
f u like any image wallpaper
or the articles from the site
and u want to download all of them
u must be wasting time
on that rite
then dont worry
hacker binny
will help u
download websnake
and mention the
sitename in it
and put
project as any name like ur name
select level as 3
and keep image size as 10 mb only
(because 10mb of data ur getting from that particular site)
see my album
for the screenshot
i made to show u people
i did this on
but u prople may be trying to hack my pc
because u can see my ip
in the image
and u can guess my operating system
and also
u can
make a batch file to close all start up
dont try to do this
this is the ip of the coesecurity i am working in that