Thursday, November 15, 2007

Windows Vista cracking!!!! Is it possible???

Windows Vista cracking!!!! Is it possible???

Today piracy is the greatest problem for Software Vendors.Software pirates began looking for ways to prey on Windows Vista long before its launch.Microsoft may have outsmarted them for the time being,but the pirates are persevering in their efforts.In this post we will come to know about the various techniques used by the hackers to crack the Windows Vista’s copy protection.

NOTE:The cracks that are to be discussed in this post are only meant for informative purpose and should not be used under any circumstances.People using this information for illegal purposes can land up being penalized under the anti-piracy laws.

The Frankenstein Build:

This strike came long before the launch of Windows Vista when it was in the Beta stage.Since this Vista was protected by the XP-era WGA scheme,cracking it was not a tough job for the pirates.However in the final release the protection was made far superior and uncrackable.The pirates tried to incorporate the cracked beta test routine into the final Vista version.This didn’t hold for very long,simply because even after doing this ,Windows update would recognize Vista as a beta version.So this technique was outsmarted by Microsoft.


Very simple and effective method in which it simply stopped the operating system from counting down the 30-day activation period,effectively allowing one to use it without ever activating it.Unfortunately,the Timestop had a slight flaw.It didn’t allow Vista to be updated and Vista does not work without security updates.


Designed to help system administrators who have to deal with hundreds of machines at once,this one also extends the 30-day period.Unfortunately since it’s an official command,it is of limited use.It can only be used four times,so once 120 days are up,Vista refuses to extend the period any further.

KMS Server:

An acronym for Key Management Service,KMS is software offered to corporate clients.This was intended to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft’s ‘Volume Activation 2.0’ scheme for business and enterprise-level customers.KMS eliminates the need for each individual computer to connect directly to Microsoft for authentication,acting as an activation proxy that enables or activates all other workstations.If Microsoft decides to get tough on this workaroud,it could refuse to activate all KMSes,meaning that even genuine clients would not be able to use it anymore.

Key Generators:

Key generators simply create random serial numbers and activation keys from their database that matchWindows Vista’s genuine keys.Fortunately for Microsoft,generating keys is no child’s play,and it takes quite a while to produce a combination that will work.And besides,the application’s database has a limited number of keys which is easily outclassed by Microsoft’s database of genuine keys.But the biggest downside is that while the key might work on a local machine,it also needs to be verified online with Microsoft.


Major computer manufacturers can pre-activate thousands of computers at a time by placing a special marker in the machines BIOSes.It has been proved that replacing your BIOS with one from one of these manufacturers will allow you to install Vista on any machine without needing to activate it.Microsoft has so far avoided persuing hackers who modify their BIOSes,simply because the effort and risk involved are enough to deter people.Besides,this isn’t a method that can easily be duplicated across a large number of machines.


Paradox is named after the hacker group that came up with this one.It is simply a driver that one can install under Vista that intercepts the identification requesta to the BIOS.It simulates a real OEM BIOS so you don’t have to mess with any hardware.Since it has brrn identified,it most probably won’t work for vey long.

Vista Loader:

Now this one is a boot loader that works much like the Paradox driver.A special boot manager emulates the entire BIOS,which reports to Vista that it is installing on an OEM computer.In the case of this hack too,it’s just a matter of time until Microsoft identifies and disables the software.

Though software pirates have managed to find or create work-arounds to activate Vista illegitimately,Microsoft is keeping a stringent check on Vista activation.The real question is whether the hackers or code crackers will be persistent or not.We’ll have to wait and watch.