Thursday, December 13, 2007

65 Programs [Check it]

65 Programs [Check it]

All 165 programs copy to your hard drive and work instantly
from there, no install is needed, no registry changes are made,
no reboot is required and anytime you don't want the program
anymore you can just delete it and delete the shortcut to it
on the start menu, thats it, you have "uninstalled" the program.

If you can stick to this and never install anything into Windows,
it will always run nice and fast and you never really "lose" anything
because you can just copy all 166 programs over again by running the
INSTALL script.

You must have Windows installed to your C drive
for the shortuts to link to the programs!

If you want to "uninstall" any of these apps, just delete the
folder where the application is (only delete THE program folder)
and delete the same folder on your start menu and thats it, you
have "uninstalled" it! Just make sure you're not currently running
the program you are trying to delete!

Ad-Aware SE Pro
CWS Shredder
Hijack Free
Spybot - Search & Destroy


Antivir Scan
Avast! Scan
McAfee Stinger
McAfee Virus Scan
NOD32 Scan
Symantec - Scan Any Drive C to Z
Trend Micro Sys Clean

[Burning Software]

Deep Burner
Easy DVD Burner
Express Burn
Small CD Writer



[Image Viewers]

11 View

[Internet Tools]

[Chat Clients]

MSN Messenger
Trillian Basic

[File Transfer]

[Internet Tools]

Angry IP Scanner
Dial-Up Password Finder
eMail Password Viewer
Live TCP Viewer [1]
Live TCP Viewer [2]
NetStat Live
PuTTY (Telnet & SSH)
RAS Config
Remote Registry Editor
Super Scan
Trace Browser Log Files
Trace Route
VNC Viewer

[Media Players]

Media Player Classic
VideoLAN Media Player

[Media Tools]

Audio Grabber
CD-DVD Speed
DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink
MP3 Splitter & Joiner


PDF Reader
Word Processor

[P2P Clients]

eMule Plus


[Application Tools]

Dependency Walker
DLL Export Viewer
Hash Calculator
Hex Workshop
On Screen Keyboard
Password Renew
Resource Hacker
SAM Inside Password Finder
Shell Extension Viewer
Startup Control Panel
Tiny Hexer
Ultra Compare
UltraEdit32 Pro Hex Editor
Unstoppable Copier
Win Hex
XVI32 Hex Editor

[Windows Tools]

Change XP Pro Corp 'Product Key'
Norton Windoctor
Notepad 2
System Information for Windows
Windows 'Product Key' Generator
Windows 'Product Key' Viewer
Windows Services [1]
Windows Services [2]

[Avast! Tools]

Avast! Cleaner
Data Shredder
Event Browser
Junk File Remover
Reg Cleaner
Reg Edit
Scan Disk
[Erase and Wipe Tools]

Absolute Shield File Shredder
EnCase Aquisition Edition
Eraser (On Demand)
X-Ways Security

[File & Directory Explorers]

Agent Ransack File Search
Directory Snoop NTFS
Disk Recon Explorer
Drive Look
Duplicate File Finder
Effective File Search
ERD Commander 2003 Explorer
Explorer XP
FAT32 Disk Explorer
Folder Sizes
Linux Ext2 & Ext3 Disk Explorer
NTFS Disk Explorer
OnTrack Power Desk Pro
PE Resource Explorer
Space Monger
Total Commander
Tree Size Pro
Visual File Information
WinIE Image Explorer
XnView Explorer
Xplorer 2

[Hard Disk Recovery & Backup]

A43 File Management
Acronis True Image
Active Un-Delete
CIA Un-Erase
Disk State
Drive Snapshot
Emsa Disk Checker
File Recovery
Free Un-Delete
Get Data Back FAT32
Get Data Back NTFS
Handy Recovery
Linux Ext2FS Recovery
Norton Disk Doctor
OnTrack Easy Recovery
Partition Table Doctor
Partition Table Editor
Raid Array Reconstructor
Recover My Files
Symantec Ghost
WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostics
Win Image

[Hardware Tools]

BurnIn Test
CPU Benchmark
CPU Live Clock Speed
Dead Pixel Buddy for TFT Monitors
Disk Investigator
Flobo Floppy Disk Repair
Hard Disk Data Transfer Rate
Hard Disk Speed [1]
Hard Disk Speed [2]
Hard Disk Temperature
Hard Disk Tune
MemTest RAM Tester
NT Defragmenter
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro
RightMark RAM Analyser
Sector Spy XP

[Process Info]

Itty Bitty Process Manager
Live Registry Monitor
Process Explorer

[System Info]

CPU-Z (Processor Info)
Everest Corporate
Everest Ultimate
Nero Info Tool
Partition Info
Unknown Devices

[Web Browsers]