Saturday, December 8, 2007

Anti Hacking ~1~ Phishing ==>INFO+ ALERT

Anti Hacking ~1~ Phishing ==>INFO+ ALERT
I have started to spread knowledge between people about alertness against hacking.

Now on Internet very Easily all infos are available.

Any one can find and can do bad use of the info.

As I get too many scarps emails saying Plz Help My community / Account / Id got hacked.

Normal people don't know very normal things which can be used to hack them.
So a person who has bit knowledge about the hacking tricks ( whether he has got by searching only) can hack others id by making fool

So I decided to post some basic knowledge,So no one from my Friends / Fans / Dear members get hacked by a little child in the field of hacking.

Disclaimer:All Info is for Educational purpose only.I am not responsible for Illegal use of the info.

So first I going to make you alert about Phishing.

A starter of field uses this technique to hack

So we will first learn something about it.......

~> What is Phishing?
Phishing is a trick in which victim gets directed via a link to a fake page of website login page and if user enters the password it get mailed to the creator of the page.

~> What is Fake page ?
Fake page is a Login page which looks same as real login page.But fake page contains Email sender script which sends user entered password and login id to creator of page .

~> How to Identify Fake page ?
Some Internet security products provides anti-phishing security.Which scans page and blocks the script.e.g. Bit Defender Security
1.To Identity manually the fake page first see the address bar of your browser.
i.e. On login page it says and shows login page of may be it is a fake page.Better you close the window/retype in address bar and type
Same thing is applicable in all sites
2. You can check out the page's source View-> Source or CTRL + U
If the source contains any mail sending script with unknown/unofficial mail ids like then the page is fake page.

~> What to do first if I have entered my Id Password at a fake page ?
If you have entered your Id/Password at a fake page and then you knew the page is fake then what to do?
You have been hacked by a fake page.So your Id /Password has been sent to creator of the page via mail.So as fast you can change the Password of service of which you faced the fake page.Report the page as spam.

~> How to stay safe from fake pages?
View address bar check it is direct login page from the site you want to login.
Check source of page.
Install any anti phishing security.
Be alert and avoid entering password to third party sites.

For any quarries scarp me or Reply in the community.......