Monday, December 10, 2007

hack orkut

Firstly you require a fake html page to work this trick
Download the fake html page from here
or else download the fake html code from here

replace your id with my id in the fake html code

Your mp3 code looks like this

Akon - Smack That

Now replace the bold colored URL ( with your fake html URL as below
I have replaced it with my URL u pls replace it with your fake orkut URL.

Akon - Smack That

Thts it buddies simply scrap this code to your frnds whoever just clicks this mp3 scraps he ll b facing new orkut page,Thinking tht he has been logged out of orkut ……………
Whenever your frnd or your frnd’s frnd clicks on tht mp3 scrap and tries to log into orkut his password will be sent to your email adress as you have mentioned in your fake html.