Saturday, December 8, 2007

Windows 50-in-1 Ultra DVD

Windows 50-in-1 Ultra DVD
This DVD includes the following:

- Windows 2000 Professional SP4 - 16 Different Installations
- Windows XP Professional SP2 - 16 Different Installations
- Windows Server 2003 R2 EE SP2 - 16 Different Installations

You can also choose the type of Windows installation:

- Original
- Full
- Tiny
- Micro
- You can choose with or without IE/WMP (Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player).
- You can choose with or without additional "Driverpacks"


You also have the ability to create standalone ISO files of:

- Any of the 48 included Windows installations
- Make a rescue CD with Acronis, MiniPE, Hiren's
- BootCD and Damn Small Linux.

For full information on the standalone ISO creation, open the "Create An ISO" folder on the DVD.


Includes 174 Optional Programs:

Open the folder "Install Programs" on the DVD to install whichever programs you want.

All programs are the latest version to the time this DVD was created.

The 174 programs cover the following 31 categories:
AntiVirus, Appearance, Audio, Browsers, Burning, Chat, Cleaners, Codecs, Compression, Defrag, DVD+CD, Exploration, Firewall, Game, Hex, Internet, Misc, Movie, Multimedia, Office, P2P, Picture, Players, Programming, Recovery, Registry, Runtimes, Security, System, Web, Windows.

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My Antivirus Detects About 200 Trojans In This DVD?

Some Antivirus programs, namely Avast!, BitDefender, ClamWin and probably others - claim that they have found a trojan when what they have really found is simply a file they cannot scan inside. All this is covered in the "About This DVD" folder on the DVD. Just open the folder called "Viruses and Trojans" and there are examples of the files that might trigger antivirus alerts along with info about what each file is and what it does. If you have "Comodo BOClean" running when you install any of the silent installs from the APPS folder (or if you simply run the "Install Programs.exe") it too will claim that it has found a trojan every single time an install runs. If you use BOClean, sorry but you're either going to have to shut that down when installing any of these programs, or just don't use this DVD at all.