Friday, November 16, 2007

Create Orkut's Fake Login Page

Create Orkut's Fake Login Page!
Create Orkut's Fake Login Page!
* Open your Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox!

* Open but don't Sign in there.

* Open the source code of it and copy the whole code and save it as Orkut Page Source in your Notepad.

* Open Orkut Page Source in Notepad and press ctrl+f and type
* Erase that whole line and the next line.

* Now, copy and paste the following code there.

* Also change rename your e-mail ID in the above code.

* Now, press ctrl+f again and type there so u have to change it as

* Save it as orkut.html

* Now, go to and make an account there.

* Login there and open File Manager and upload that orkut.html.

* Check the URL there and now the site is all yours.

Brand new proxies for Orkut, Myspace, Facebook etc

Brand new proxies for Orkut, Myspace, Facebook etc
Try these proxies, they work for me,

Need For Speed Pro Street - FULL ISO !

Need For Speed Pro Street - FULL ISO !

1.Montiruyem means Daemon Tolls'om
2. we establish the game
4. we start Yasu
5. we play

50 Part + 1 Nocd


Alternatif - Mirror SendSpace Link



Alternatif - Mirror Filefactory Link



Alternatif - Mirror Megaupload Link



All links are exchangeable ( interchangeable )


NOCD / FIX / Key - Proper VITALITY





Enjoy !

get any thing from google

get any thing from google
Get Any Thing From Google

javascript:Qr='';if(!Qr){void(Qr=prompt('ENTER ARTIST OR SONG NAME:',''))};if(Qr)location.href=''+escape(Qr)+'%22+mp3+OR+wma+OR+ogg+-html+-htm&num=100&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&safe=active&sa=N'

javascript:Qr='';if(!Qr){void(Qr=prompt('Enter Author name OR Book name:',''))};if(Qr)location.href=''+escape(Qr)+'%22+pdf+OR+rar+OR+zip+OR+lit+OR+djvu+OR+pdb+-html+-htm&num=100&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&safe=active&sa=N'

javascript:Qr='';if(!Qr){void(Qr=prompt('ENTER IMAGE NAME:',''))};if(Qr)location.href=''+escape(Qr)+'%22+jpg+OR+png+OR+bmp+-html+-htm&num=100&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&safe=active&sa=N'

javascript:Qr='';if(!Qr){void(Qr=prompt('ENTER MOVIE NAME:',''))};if(Qr)location.href=''+escape(Qr)+'%22+avi+OR+mov+OR+mpg+-html+-htm&num=100&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&safe=active&sa=N'

javascript:Qr='';if(!Qr){void(Qr=prompt('ENTER Application NAME:',''))};if(Qr)location.href=''+escape(Qr)+'%22+exe+OR+rar+OR+zip+-html+-htm&num=100&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&safe=active&sa=N'

javascript:Qr='';if(!Qr){void(Qr=prompt('ENTER GAME NAME:',''))};if(Qr)location.href=''+escape(Qr)+'%22+exe+OR+iso+OR+rar+-html+-htm&num=100&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&safe=active&sa=N'

Just copy from javascriot and paste this on u r add bar and enter the details and

Use System Restore when Windows fails to $tart !

Use System Restore when Windows fails to $tart !
If you have enabled System Restore, you can use it when you fails to boot into Windows.

How to do:

Restart your computer.

Press F8 before the Windows Logo displays. (Keep pressing F8 from the starting itself)

Then the Windows Boot Menu displays.

Select Safemode With Command Prompt and hit Enter.

Windows loads to Command Prompt.

Then type the following:

%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and hit Enter.

That loads the System Restore window. Continue as usual restoration

clean ur CD

clean ur CD
1. Clean the disc. Even if a CD isn’t actually scratched or scuffed, dust, oil, and other surface contaminants can prevent it from playing properly. Thus cleaning the disc should always be your first move. Run warm water over the damaged disc to remove dust. If there is stubborn dirt or grease on the disc, gently rub it with your finger while you are washing it, and use a gentle detergent or liquid soap (with the water) or rubbing alcohol (in place of water). Anytime you rub or wipe a CD, you should do so by starting at or near the center of the disc and rubbing straight outward toward the edge to prevent further scratching. Shake the water off and let the disc air-dry (do not dry it with a towel or cloth, and don’t sun-dry it either).
2. Try to play the disc. Many times a good cleaning is all that is needed. If, however, problems persist after cleaning, try to play the disc in a different CD player. Some players handle scratches better than others; computer CD drives tend to be best.
3. Burn a new disc. If you can get the CD to work in one CD player—especially your computer’s—but not in others, try burning a new disc. The CD burning utility on your computer may be able to read the CD well enough to produce a perfect copy. You may wish to try this even if the CD doesn’t play correctly on the computer.
5. Polish the CD. Though counterintuitive, polishing a disc can repair a scratched CD by removing some of the outer plastic coating and thus making existing scratches shallower. A number of common household products can be used to polish the CD, but toothpaste—especially baking soda toothpaste—and Brasso are probably the most tried-and-true. You can also use a fine grit polishing compound that’s used for cars or hard finishes. Apply a small amount of toothpaste (must be paste, not gel) or Brasso to a soft, clean, lint-free cloth: an eyeglass-cleaning cloth works well. Gently rub the cloth on the scratch or scuff in a non-radial motion, start at the center and rub to the edge and go around in strokes. Rubbing in a circular motion can cause small scratches that throw off the laser tracking system in the player. Try to focus your efforts solely on the scratch or scratches you’ve identified (if possible). Polish in this manner for a couple of minutes, reapplying Brasso or toothpaste to the cloth as necessary. Be careful not to apply much pressure, although you will still be able to feel the cloth gently scratching the CD as it polishes.
6. Remove polishing product from disc. If you used toothpaste, rinse the disc thoroughly with warm water and let dry. Make sure to remove all of the toothpaste and let the disc dry completely before trying to play it. With Brasso, wipe off excess product and let the rest dry. Then, using a clean cloth, gently wipe disc again.
7. Test the disc. If the problem persists, polish again for up to 15 minutes or until the scratch is almost completely buffed out. The surface around the scratch should begin to look shiny with many tiny scratches. If you still don’t notice any difference after polishing for a few minutes, the scratch may be extremely deep, or you may be polishing the wrong scratch.
8. Wax the tracks. If polishing doesn’t work, apply a very thin coat of Vaseline, liquid car wax, neutral shoe polish or furniture wax to the CD’s playing surface. Wipe excess off using clean, soft, lint-free cloth in a radial (inside to outside) motion. If using wax, follow manufacturer’s instructions (some need to dry before you wipe them off, while others should be wiped off while still wet).
9. Test disc again. If the wax or Vaseline does the trick, burn a new copy of the CD immediately. The waxing method is only a temporary solution.
10. Bring the CD in to get refinished. If the disc still doesn’t play correctly, bring it in to a music store (especially one that sells used CDs) or a DVD rental store and ask if they can repair the disc for you. Many of these businesses have CD refinishing machines that do a remarkable job, and they’ll probably charge you less than five dollars to repair the CD.
11. You can buy a disc scratch-remover at game stores like game-stop. Don’t worry, it works for all types of cds. It’ll work like magic.


* Severely damaged CDs may not be repairable. Very deep scratches will probably require an industrial-quality machine to repair, and cracks or scratches that reach the CD’s foil may render a CD forever useless. As a matter of fact, the Compact Disc Eraser ( adopts this method to securely destroy old or confidential CDs and DVDs. A great device to have if your backup or personal discs become outdated or no longer needed.
* To determine if the foil layer of your CD is scratched, hold the CD up to a fairly bright light and see if any pinholes are visible. Holes in the foil layer of a CD are generally not repairable, even for a professional.
* Practice repairing scratched CDs that you don’t care much about before you set out to repair your favorites.
* It’s a good idea to create a backup of any data disc before damage occurs.
* If a CD is scratched but continues to play correctly, make a backup, but don’t bother trying to repair it yet.
* Make sure the disc is indeed scratched. If the disc is not visibly scratched, the problem likely lies elsewhere. Other problems could be surface dirt or a malfunctioning CD player. The steps above should help you to clarify where the problem is.
* Deep gouges are not repairable. However, because of the way redundancy is used in the data on the disc and the way the data are distributed along the spiral track, cleaning a disc area away from a scratch can improve data recovery; a number of smaller defects distributed along the track can be as bad or worse than one larger defect.
* The polycarbonate bottom layer of the disk acts as a lens, which focuses a larger patch of laser light down to a smaller size needed to see the track on the data layer. This lets the laser look through some small imperfections on the plastic surface which are much larger than the track on the data layer. Removing a lot of plastic can affect the refractive property of the lens making the data unreadable. This means that even a visibly scuffed or spider-web of scratches may play well because, though the defects are visible to your eye, the laser sees around/through them. This is why waxing can help. A repair doesn’t have to look perfectly polished to work.
* If the disc has important data on it, your best choice is probably to pay the money to get the disc repaired professionally before you try to repair it yourself. That way, you can make sure you don’t damage the CD any further in your repair attempts.
* A number of CD cleaning and repair kits are available for sale, but many users report that these don’t work any better than Brasso, and they’re far more expensive.
* To remove deep or stubborn scratches quickly, try using a dry “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser”. This is a sponge impregnated with a micro abrasive. Use light pressure, wiping from the center of the disk to the outside edge just as described with other polishing methods. The repaired area can be buffed until shiny using the other polishing or waxing techniques described.
* If you have a lot of discs to repair, you might want to buy a CD refinishing machine. These can cost as little as $25, but highly effective industrial machines cost anywhere from $300-6,000.
* If all else fails, try the freezer. The theory is that the scratches will shrink. This could take a few hours (music CDs) to days (videogame discs).

* If you hold the CD up to a bright light to check for holes in the foil layer, remember not to stare at the light for long. A 60-100 Watt bulb should be more than enough to see pinholes in the foil layer. Do not use the sun!
* Keep in mind that it is possible to further damage a CD if you do this incorrectly (i.e. if you apply too much pressure while polishing or rub the CD in a circular motion).
* To prevent damage to your CD player, make sure CDs are completely dry and free of excess polishing products or waxes before you attempt to play them.
* If you are using Brasso, make sure to do so in a well-ventilated area, and avoid breathing in the fumes. Always read the safety instructions and warnings on any chemical product as many (such as rubbing alcohol) are flammable and / or can cause skin, eye, or respiratory irritation.
* When touching the CD do not use a circular pattern (like when a CD is spinning). Go from the inside to the outside in a perfect line so you prevent data loss.
* When polishing the disc, make sure the surface upon which the disc is laid is flat and firm but not hard or abrasive. Data is stored on the foil or dye layers on the top of the disc (label side) and the protective top layer is very thin by comparison to the polycarbonate plastic bottom layer you will polish. The thin top layer can easily be scratched or perforated. If this happens the data is lost forever as it is not repairable by any means. Pressing on disc upon too soft a surface may crack it or cause it to delaminate.
* Don’t touch the cd, or you’ll leave finger prints, causing it to get dirty again, and that may cause the CD to skip a track or pause. Hold it by the hole in the middle.

Rename Multiple photos in XP @ one shot!

Rename Multiple photos in XP @ one shot!
You have lots of photos in some folder on your computer, all have numbers-names, and you want to name them like Holliday1.jpg, Holliday2.jpg, ... Don't need to do that one by one. You can do that automatically with this little trick.

Open that folder and chose View - Thumbnails

Left click on any picture and CTRL + A. That way you will select all files in that folder.

Right click on first pic and chose "Rename" from drop-down menu.

Windows XP will highlight name of that file and you will be able to name it. After filling the name, click somewhere outside, in white space. You're done. If you named firs file "Anything" all selected files will get names "Anything1", "Anything2", "Anything3", and so on

use dissembler software to change the names

use dissembler software to change the names
in exe files
i made keylogger
with dissembler
it will install in pc in 1 sec
just it asks u ur name and ur lover name
when u click ok
it will dissapper
i have mentioned my mailid
in the software
tat is used for reverse engineering
to make microprocss codes
je to jne
jump if eqal to jump if not qual

How To Shut Down All Pc's On Network !

How To Shut Down All Pc's On Network !
How To Shut Down All Pc's On Network :-

1. start>run type in cmd

2. type shutdown -i

3. browse and shut it down !

Enjoy !

I have tried it, it works ! According to me DOS is the best friend of hackers !

get rid of proxies,Surf Anonymously wid jap

get rid of proxies,Surf Anonymously wid jap
No problem if orkut/youtube etc is blocked in your office or college or school....and you are fed up of using proxy websites and there low urfing speeds.And what worse if these proxy websites are also blocked.....phew!!!! But no problems..... Download JAP and easily surf any blocked website with anonymity
Step 1: Download JAP

[content suppressed]

Step 2: Execute Setup file [may take few minutes depending upon internet speed]
Step 3: Change you Explorer LAN connection settings Change the default gateway IP to and port 4001.
Thats it you have gained independence to free to surf any website...

how to make victim logging out in lan

how to make victim logging out in lan
no one can catch u
scan his pc
with port scanner
mention all ports upto 5000 to scan
then double click on ip
u will be able to see the open ports
in tat
a port name starts with d
click itt
he will be logged out from internet
try on ur ip first