Friday, November 23, 2007

In this post, lets see how to block IP address to play a prank or to increase bandwidth..

In this post, lets see how to block IP address to play a prank or to increase bandwidth..

The Hosts file cont ains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. This file is loaded into memory (cache) at startup, then Windows checks the Hosts file before it queries any DNS servers, which enables it to override addresses in the DNS. This prevents access to the listed sites by redirecting any connection attempts back to the local machine. Another feature of the HOSTS file is its ability to block other applications from connecting to the Internet, providing the entry exists.

Now how to use the hosts file efficiently..
A typical hosts file looks like the one on the left..

To block an ip:

To block IP's of Advertisement agencies just type followed by the domain name. In this picture , i have blocked ads like as explained using the above procedure. The ip address of is called a loop back address. It just represents your own computer over the internet. Thus by filtering these kinds of ads, you can easily increase your bandwidths.
To play a prank:

Its very easy to play a prank, all you need is to find ip address of the website which you need to be redirected for eg: if u want your browser such that when you type and get redirected to, you need to find ip of by using ping command. Run cmd and type ping , you will get the ip of Google. Now type the ip address of Google in the left followed by the domain name which you want to be redirected. In the above picture, i have redirected my browser from to is the ip of Google.


go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and you can find a file named hosts

open the hosts file using notepad or any other text editors

Now how to play using this hosts file...