Saturday, January 12, 2008

hack orkut via fake login page

learn to make ur own fake pages.... do'nt give ur e-mail iD's ..... this a simple trick ...hope u understand....
Fake Login Page Hacking!

Open your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox!

Open but don't Sign in there.

Open the View menu and Click on Page Source and copy the whole code and save it as Orkut Page Source in your Notepad.

Open Orkut Page Source (Source is opned by VIEW>>SUORCE>> )in Notepad and press ctrl+f and type it will search for it.

Erase that whole line and the next line.

Now, copy and paste the following code there.

Also change rename your e-mail ID in the above code(bold & underlined).

Now, press ctrl+f again and type there so u have to change it as

Save it as orkut.html

Now, go to and make an account there.

login there and open File Manager and upload that orkut.html.

Check the URL there and now the site is all yours.......
still any problemo then scrap me or reply here.............