Monday, January 7, 2008

How to hack Servers!!!!!:)

How to hack Servers!!!!!:)
From these below steps you can learn How to hack server?How to enter in Ddeshare?.you can easily enter in to others computer which is connected to can handle files,copy and you can easily delete from others computer.
Steps to hack server:
1)Create a file anywhere you want.

2)Right click on the file.
Then choose with-->Choose program-->Browse

3)Now you have to enter in to DDESHARE file.

4)Click on Start-->go to Accessories-->Right click on Command Prompt

5)Click on proporties now click Find target.

6)Now you are in c:\ drive. that is system 32.

7)Click on Search.Choose all files and folders..
Search for "DDESHARE".

8)After finding that file.Just double click on that file.

9)Now click on Shares.choose computer.

10)Including domain controller it will show all systems which are connected to server.

11)Now choose which system do you want to hack.All computer names will be in the format \\thecomputernamegoeshere.

12)Right click on the system which you are going to hack and copy its name and paste it in your file.which you have choosen in 1st step.

13)The file name will be in the format \\thecomputernamegoeshere.If the first computer in the server dose'nt work then choose 2nd computer.

14)Now you will be seeing "shared folder" for folder name.

15)Now double click on that will be seeing many domains which are connected to the server.

16)Now you hacked the system.just go around for searching for files which you want.

17)Here you can copy scripts,delete files transfer files from one system to another system.