Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How to Get Premium Account!

How to Get Premium Account!
Well guys .. First I used to buy Premium accounts myself ..
then .. a time came .. when I never paid for it...


The Point System of Rapidshare is cool.

Now its even better. You can earn a premium account freely.

1- First, Signup free for a COLLECTORS LOGIN
2- Now, upload files in your collectors account and share with others. (how to share? .. see below)
3- Per download you will get 1 point. After receiving 1000 points, from your Collectors Login you can convert the points into Premium Account.

now .. How to share?
well .. the most easy way is to put your upload links in the WAREz Sites!

now What is Warez?
Answer: Warez sites are those which share Softwares, Music, Movies, etc. for freely. All the files are uploaded on Rapidshare (or anyother uploading site). People download software from there.

Major Warez Sites:

Post your warez here... People will download .. and you will get POINTS... Convert the points .. and get a Premium Account