Wednesday, February 20, 2008

kismet Wireless Network Sniffer

Free download kismet Wireless Network Sniffer, it is the latest hacking tool and the great thing about dis tool is this is wireless....I think many of u didn't heard about it..

Lets talk about this tool !!
kismet is one of the best wireless hacking tool.Kismat is 802.11 layer wireles network detecter,snifffer and intrusions detectionn system.It works with any wireless card which supports raw monitoring mode, it can also snifff 802.11b,802.11a and 802.11g trafficc

It identifies network byy passivelly collectin & detectin standard named networkss, detectin hidden network...


Ethereall/Tcpdumpp compatible data logging
Airsnortt compatiblle week-iv packet logging
Networrk IP rangee detections
Builtt-in channell hopping and multi-card split channel hoppiing
Hiddenn network SSID delocking

Graphicall mappin of network
Client/Server architectture allows multiplle clientss to view a single
Kismet serves simultaneouslly
Manufacturers and modell identifications of accesss point and client
Detectiion of known defaullt accesss points configuration
Runtimee decodings of WEP's packet for known network
Named pipee o/p for integrations with other toolss, such as a layerr3 IDS's like Snortt
Multiplexing's of multiplle simultaneouss capturre source on a single Kismett instances
Distributted remotee drone sniffing's
XML o/p
Over 20 supported card types
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