Monday, February 18, 2008

methods of getting yahoo passwords

methods of getting yahoo passwords
Methods of getting yahoo passwords

I will explain in this tutorial how to obtain in difrent
ways yahoo passwords so that any N00B can understand and do
It actualy isen't that hard the problem is thet with the
passing of years yahoo security has been getting better and
beter an most proggyes don't work anymore now I will
present to u the most efective reliable and easy to do
methods.After that I will also Informe you on how to
protect your self of thees dangers that go around te

------BRUTE FORCING------
This is by far the most used method .You can find crackers
everywhere to download .On there are a lot
of good cracked downloads.The one for which i sugest
R-G-Kracka it's easy to use and works. This is the most
sawed for method but is good for 2 things cracking boots
and when u realy want a password and will spend some time
cracking testing and working.
For this You have to get A cracker A password list and in
some cases a proxy list but I sugest u try a non proxy
cracker if it's ur first time.
This is a basic method and I'm sure that everyone will get
it the first time aldough results depend on your password
PROTECTION It's simple get a very long password with asci
and numbers the most hard and long password that a brute
forcer will have trouble cracking and getting to is the
last of all asci letters and numbers the last password a
normal brute forcew of let's say 10 chars will be
"zzzzzzzz9!" thIs password will be the last one it will try
to crack.
method 2
This is one of the most effective methods of obtaining

passwords at this time.U get a programme named Y! Jacked/mps1.5se/sub7 n

one of it's many varyations from or there are

many trojans n stealers.
With this you have to take the main program put it in a

folder and generate a trojan that you send via atachment to

the victim's mail box.When that person opens it u will have

his password.This is a easy to use program just take care

taht most antivirusez see it as a virus and u shoulden't

get alarmed by that.It has a lot of options that u will

understand surely if u know english.
PROTECTION It's the easyest way to protect ur self don't

open atachments from anybody I can send a mail with an

atachment from any mail I want for example It's not smart

to open any atachment without a good antivirus.
------THE FAKE LOGIN------
This is a modified login page for yahoo.It's code has been

altered .Instead of sending the password and the user to a

yahoo server for loging in it sends them to a yahoo server

that sends them in a mail account.
Get one of thees from cretain people lool.
It's hard to spot people u after u make a page with this u

have to send the link to some1 and he has to sign in from

PROTECTION Don't sign in yahoo from pages like


This is probably a fake login.
Try to open one of thees pages and check out the source

code u can determine what it will do from there.

Method 4
This is for u people that want all passwords that were

entered in Internet explorer on your computer.
U download Passweare recovery kit and it will give u all of

the passwords on ur computer u can use this for people u

are close to lol.
PROTECTION Be a paranoic son of a bitch scan ur computer

check instaled programs never let other people fuck with it

and of ource never enter your passwords in another person's


Oky this was for all new one's Hope most of them get these

methods and will be able to use them
good luck