Thursday, February 21, 2008

Windows Hacking Tools....MOVED

Windows Hacking Tools....MOVED
Windows Haking Tools software is specifically designed for Windows system. Information Security and Ehical Hacking course from Appin Knowledge Solutions is the first step to take for all aspiring Information Security professionals.

Here are some key features of “Information Security and Ethical Hacking Course”:
· Pioneer product in information Security and Ethical Hacking
· Presentations ranging from Introduction to Information Security and Ethical Hacking to Computer Forensics
· Interactive Live Information Security Videos
· Security and Ethical Hacking tools to provide hands on Practice
· Live simulation games to test the skills learned in a real life environment
· The course includes the latest Hacking attempts expected in the year 2006 to past case studies on intrusions done in the past
· More than 40 Security Videos and Demonstrations.
· Live Security / Hacking tools
· Simulation Security games.
· Understand the Windows operating System from Security Perspective.
· Tools to protect your self from Virus, Trojans, worms and other Hack attacks.
· Tools and firewalls to protect your computer and Network from Spy-wares.
· Methods and technology to secure your Internet
· Ways to trace forged emails
· Teaches you how to secure your e-mails
· Faculty with more than 20 years of experience at the core of the course.

Dont complain any hack tools; trojan. Because it is...