Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wireless Hacking at an height of 30,000 feet where there is no wireless network!

Wireless Hacking at an height of 30,000 feet where there is no wireless network!

As we all know travelers use their laptops in planes.This is a safe place as many flights don't provide with wireless/satellite access to internet for the passengers.Consequently,the biggest threat of security, is someone reading ur data.Wireless hacker can explore their systems without der knowledge.
We all know dat for configuring connection to a wireless network in win XP Zero Config, U have to goto the network connections & adding a network 2 da preferred network, U can connect 2 a wireless signal which have have been displayed on wireless networks & upon connection,it ll automatically add dat network on a network list.Win Xp automatically connects 2 dat network every time wen it is sensed & da applicable config info is maintained in dat network "bookmark". Laptop user is unknown wat occurs from dat point forward.Wat happens is Win Zero Config ll routinely, automatically sends probe requests into air, searches for an available network, if it find it gets connected to it, if it is not connected it sends again request for the network.

Suppose ur in plane & a probe requests have been sent to u , searching for da network(S), u have defined in ur network section.One more person in plane is using laptop & running a program named as HotSpotter.Dis program ll c those probe requests & compare these with a list of known SSIDs, den it turns itself into wireless access point with an matching SSID of network in ur network list.Now u have been connected to the hackers "wireless network".If the user is not using firewall the hacker can easily hack his computer & his transactions & we think we r safe..

Check out here for another tool used in wireless hacking


Laptop with an wireless card which supports HostAP.
HotSpotter (we learned abt it above) program which contains scripts 2 run DHCP (U can dis program in Auditor security collections: or )
Choice of programs on exploiting the victims pc, once de connected to ur WLAN.Check for the diff tools of same category in Auditor security collection...


Keep an up 2 date & running firewall with an IDS/IPS capability,this protects ur pc from detecting ur network by from the probe requests.
Run a configured Anti-Virus & Anti-spyware u can protect urself from hacking, if ur not using any anti-virus & anti-spyware they break into ur system & install malware,keyloggers,system monitors, remote hacking) & if u protections they ll detect these malware, keylogger, remote hacking & so on...
Use security enforcement software- Components such as McAfee's EPO & see dat all da security services which are running in ur pc from start up to shutdown always updated.
IF ur using Wi-Fi adapter disable it-enable wen u attemt to make a conection