Monday, January 7, 2008

Hotmail Hacking

Hotmail Hacking
From hacker@mitchell.demon.nlHOTMAIL HACKING INFO.

I_1_I - Brute force hacking
a. Use telnet to connect to port 110 (Hotmail´s pop-server)
b. Type USER and then the victim´s username
c. Type PASS and then the guess a password
d. Repeat that until U have found the correct password.
!. This is called brute force hacking and requires patience.
It´s better than trying to guess the victims password on
hotmail homepage only because it´s faster.
I_2_I - The Best way
a. Get the username of the victim (It usually stands in the adress-field
b. Then type " "
c. U´re in!
!. This hack only work if U are on the same network or computer as the
victim and if he don´t log out.
I_3_I - The old way
a. Go to
b. Now type the victims username. (press login)
c. Look at the source code.
d. On the fifth row U should find "action=someadress"
e. Copy that adress and paste it into the adress-field
f. You are in...
!. As you can see it´s a long procedure and the victim have
plenty of time to log out.
I_4_I - Another...
a. Go to hotmail´s homepage
b. Copy the source code.
c. Make a new html file with the same code but change method=post to
d. "view" the page
e. Change the adress to (don´t press enter!)
f. Make the victim type in his username and password
g. Look in the adress-field. There you´ll see ...&password:something...
!. This is the way I use, because it lets you know the password.
(If he exits the browser U can see the password in the History folder!)

Hotmail´s sysops have changed the "system" so that the victim may log
out even
if U are inside his/her account. So don´t waste U´r time!

So don´t waste U´r time!


So you want to get some hotmail passwords?
This is pretty easy to do once you have got the hang of it.
If you are a beginner, I wouldn't make this your first attempt at
hacking. When you need to do is use a port surfer and surf over to
port 80. While there, you have to try and mail the user that you
want the password from. It is best to mail them using the words
"We" and "Here at Hotmail..." Most suckers fall for this and end
up giving out their password. There is another way to also, you can
get an anon mailer, and forge the addres as But
you have to change the reply address to go to a different addres
like The person that you are trying to get the pass
from MUST respond to that letter for the mail to be forwarded to you.
Have text like "Please reply to this letter with the subject "PASSWORD"
and underneith please include your user name and password.
If you have trouble Loging in withing the next few days, this is
only because we are updating our mail servers but no need to worry,
your mail will still be there. Even though the server may be down
for an hour. From the staff at Hotmail, Thank You."


The Cookie Tools 0.3
This project includes two tools:

* cookiesniffer is a simple and powerful cookie sniffer that recognizes (through heuristics) and reconstructs (through libnids) new and existing HTTP connections, parsing any valid or partially valid HTTP message. The output is a set of files containing the gathered information with time-stamps in a format that can be trivially searched and parsed with standard UNIX tools such as grep, awk, cut and sed. It supports wireless (AP_DLT_IEEE802_11) networks.
* cookieserver lets you to impersonate the cookies of someone else in your browser using the logs of cookiesniffer (in few seconds). This attack is also called "side-jacking", "cookie replay attack" and "HTTP session hijacking" but probably I'm missing other fancy names. This is something known from ten years but that is still (too much) effective.

download and info

Password Hacking Tools | 37,71 Mb

Password Hacking Tools | 37,71 Mb

Proxy Tools:
Proxy Hunter 3.1
Proxyrama 1.7.4
Charon 0.5.3
A.P.L 1.3
Forum Proxy Leecher 1.02 1030
AA Tools 5.80

Word List Tools:
Athena 1.6
VL Strip
Log Sucker 1.3
ALS Novice
Horny Stripper
XXX Password Finder

Cracking Tools:
Access Diver 4.210
Sentry 1.4
X Factor
Form @
Caecus 1.2

Spoofing Tools:
Sploof 0.90
Super Mega Spoof 2.601
Zspoof 2.41
Hyperspoof 2002.12.10



How to hack Servers!!!!!:)

How to hack Servers!!!!!:)
From these below steps you can learn How to hack server?How to enter in Ddeshare?.you can easily enter in to others computer which is connected to can handle files,copy and you can easily delete from others computer.
Steps to hack server:
1)Create a file anywhere you want.

2)Right click on the file.
Then choose with-->Choose program-->Browse

3)Now you have to enter in to DDESHARE file.

4)Click on Start-->go to Accessories-->Right click on Command Prompt

5)Click on proporties now click Find target.

6)Now you are in c:\ drive. that is system 32.

7)Click on Search.Choose all files and folders..
Search for "DDESHARE".

8)After finding that file.Just double click on that file.

9)Now click on Shares.choose computer.

10)Including domain controller it will show all systems which are connected to server.

11)Now choose which system do you want to hack.All computer names will be in the format \\thecomputernamegoeshere.

12)Right click on the system which you are going to hack and copy its name and paste it in your file.which you have choosen in 1st step.

13)The file name will be in the format \\thecomputernamegoeshere.If the first computer in the server dose'nt work then choose 2nd computer.

14)Now you will be seeing "shared folder" for folder name.

15)Now double click on that will be seeing many domains which are connected to the server.

16)Now you hacked the system.just go around for searching for files which you want.

17)Here you can copy scripts,delete files transfer files from one system to another system.