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Hacks Total System

Hacks Total System
Dear ,

If u know Ip and connecxt LAN U can Access Total System Like

Start>run>\\IPADDRESS\(DriveLetterName c\d)$

Type Without Space

brute forcing softwares

MD5 Dictionary attacker

MD5 Dictionary attacker
hey guys

i hav created a md5 dictinary attacker. Can u plz test it for me & report me if u find any bugs.

[content suppressed]

a wordlist is also included with name pass.txt, u wil find it in application folder.
it takes wordlist in .txt format & each word tht u want to match shld b in new line.

I wil also add bruteforce attack to it when i get som time, maybe in next 20-25 days.


& those who r nt familiar with MD5 see this:

MD5 is even now the mst widely used one way hash algo.

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replace x in http with t

Rapidshare Brute Force Attack 100% working App

Rapidshare Brute Force Attack 100% working App
This application uses brute force method to hack rapidshare servers using username and password combinations just sit and watch and you are done

Use winrar to open the file and read the comment section for the password

Download LinK:

something about BRUTE FORCE attack

something about BRUTE FORCE attack

1. Crack an FTP Password: NETWOX/NETWAG
The NETWOX application can be a very dangerous tool in wrong hands. The latest version has a 197 different techniques to enumerate information from the LOCAL AREA NETWORK(LAN) or launch attacks against a remote target. In this I just explain its ability to brute-force an FTP server given a username and password list.
PROCEDURE:Compile all components, run the NETWOX application, and review the results.

2. Extract Password Hashes: FGDump
The FGDump application was written to obtain the password hashes from the security Accounts manager(SAM) file on the target computer. This process includes:
1. Binding to a machine using the Inter-Process Communication(IPC$) or lists of targets.
2. Stopping the running of Anti-virus programs.
3. Locating writable file shares.
4. Uploading fgexec (for remote command execution) and cachedump.
5. Executing pwdump.
6. Executing cachedump.
7. Deleting uploaded files from the file share.
8. Unbinding from the file share.
9. Restarting any Anti-virus programs.
10. Unbinding from IPC$.
SOFTWARE TO GET SOFTWARE: [content suppressed]
PROCEDURE: Select the target and execute with the following syntax:
fgdump (-h host| -f filename) -u username -p password
As a example;
fgdump -vv -h IP address -u adminidtrator -p 123

1. here -vv shows very verbose mode.
2. -h IP address identifies the target.
3. -u adminsitrator identifies the usernaem to use.
4. -p 123 is the password for the administrator account.
According to the results of this example,it tells:
sharing of any drive
any mapped drive bounded with ADMIN$ and is writeable or not.
any antivirus running or not.
The Passwords were successfully dumped from the target and all the traces of the attack were removed from the target.
From the directory on the attacker's machine, two new files were created:
1. ip address cachedump
2. ip address pwdump
Of above two, the IP address.pwdump is the file of interest. By opening the ip address.pwdump file with a text editor such as Notepad the password hashes from the target are visible.
You can get more options by the following syntax:
fgdump -h/-?

3. Crack and Capture Password hashes: LC5
L0phtcrack version 5(LC5) is a password-auditing tool that allows for the capturing of windows passwords and or the conversion pf captured Windows password hashes into correct password. This is done by sending the captured hash through an alogrithm until the new hash exactly matches the original one. This identifies the password that computes into the hash.
LINK TO GET SOFTWARE: [content suppressed]
PROCEDURE:Install the L0phtcrack application,start, select parameters, and execute.
Simple to use and very good softwarer .you need a password dump file too which is created by fgdump ..........................herheheheheeheheeeee.....

4.Change the Administrator Password: CHNTPW
The change NT password(CHNTPW) application will change the administrator password regardless of what it is currently set to. CHNTPW also demonstrates the need for strong access controls and physical access to servers or any computer.
PROCEDURE: Gain physical access to the computer,boot from the CHNTPW CD, follow the on-screen instructions, change the password(s), and reboot.

5.BRUTE-FORCE Passwords for a hashed file: JOHN THE Ripper
JOHN THE RIPPER has been around seemingly forever. Its ability to brute-force passwords has a proven track record. It is flexible, fast, aand efficient, which are all quality items to look for when cracking passwords.
PROCEDURE:Configure, make and execute with approprite options against a file containing hashed paswords with the following syntax:
john (password file)

6.BRUTE-FORCE sn FTP Password Connection: BRUTEFTP
File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files between computers and is still widely in use. The biggest flaw with FTP is that it is unencrypted in nature and f intercepted can be read easily, including the usernames, passwords, and data.
PROCEDURE: Install the application, select the target and execute.

7.BRUTE-FORCE terminal server passwords:TSGrinder II
TSGrinder II is an application designed to brute-force a usernames's password against a Terminal Server. Terminal Server uses an encrypted channel,which also helps evade Instrusion Detection Systems.ALthough a dicitionary-based tools, it supports multiple attack windows from the same dictionary file.
PROCEDURE: Start the application with selected options under the following syntax:
tsgrinder -u (username) -w (dictionary file) target
as a example:
tsgrinder -u kermit -p dict IP address

web crack

C-Force-----One of the best in my option
Access Driver----the best ...i think
Sentry----noobish good if your just starting out
Brutus----oldy but goody
Charon---for finding anon proxies a must if your going to use the first 4
Raptor--wordlist generator and filter for making passwords and usernames

This is pretty much everything to need to crack a forum or website..
{{{{{{!!!!!!!USE ANON PROXIES!!!!!!!!!}}}}}}}


hotmail hacking


I do NOT take any responsibility for the content of this page. If you read this page with it's methods of fetching Hotmail passwords, you have agreed to take your own responsibility for any actions you may make. (Read Step 5 very carefully)

Brief Hotmail Hacking Introduction:

This is the only true way to fetch a Hotmail Password, as Hotmail is extremely hard to Hack, apart from Brute Force Hacking.

Brute Force Hacking is the only other method, which is effective but it is extremely slow and the time that it takes to retrieve a password can take days on end. There are also many variables, which depend on the speed of Hacking, like the power of your PC, your connection speed, the type of Brute Force Hacker that you are using, and even the type of Dictionary File you may want to use.

I know that this method of Hacking in a Hotmail account works, as one of my friends is part of the Hotmail Staff and she told me about this method of Password Retrieval.

This is their default method of retrieving a Hotmail Members Password, (Only IF they NEED to) when any of the Hotmail Staff are unable to have physical access to one of their Hotmail Servers.

Step 1.

The first step in the process of hacking in to someone's Hotmail account is quite easy. You simply log into your own Hotmail account.

Important Note: Your account MUST have been open and in use for a minimum of 1 Month, for this process to work!!

Basically, the the Hotmail Email Account Server, will work in part with the Hotmail Password Server for a partial amount of this entire process. It is just an added security precaution, to make sure that the Password Retrieval process has been forwarded from an existing account, used account (ie: The Hotmail Staff) and not a new (Make-shift) account.

Step 2.

Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail to This is a secret automated password storage server, which the Hotmail Staff use.

After you send the email, the automated server, which is dedicated to owning/using the mailing address of will send you the password that you have 'forgotten'. Make sure that you make the Subject of the message "chng_pswrd" (Without the inverted commas)

Step 3.

In the body of the message type the following code, as it appears below, making all necessary changes:


<*Your* Hotmail address omitting ''>
Newpass+!=<*Your* Password for *Your* Hotmail address>


Include all the above <>'s and only make changes to the things in italic.
You must use YOUR password to retrieve your victims password, otherwise it won't work (See below).

The automated password server will only reply back to your email, sending you your victims account information to your Hotmail address, if you use your own Hotmail address and the correct password which goes with it. By giving your Hotmail address and password tally, you trick the automated password server into thinking that you are a one of the Hotmail Staff, therefore the password server knows that you have full access privileges to any Hotmail account password and sends you the information, which you have requested.

Since many people have emailed me, requesting on how exactly you correctly write this information in the email, I have created an example for everyone to use and understand from. Everything which is in Bold is what you change; this example shows you how to do this correctly:



Step 4.

Now all you have to do, is send the above message to the address (There is an underscore [ _ ] between the "rtvl" and the "srv"! Don't forget it, otherwise you'll get a bounced message.)

Step 5.

You're finished! It should take between 30 - 40 minutes for the server to respond, but this can vary greatly, depending on the amount of traffic on the Internet, and the traffic and workload of the password server. It has been said, that in some circumstances it has taken up to a week for the Server to respond! In this circumstance, patience is of a virtue...


It only works if you use your own Hotmail account and password tally... If you don't and you do send the email, then the automated password server, will automatically forward the full message to

If they realise what's going on they will indefinitely delete your account immediately.
So don't make *ANY* mistakes!

There you have it! You've hacked into Hotmail, and cracked someone's password! Now you can login to their account!

Have Phun!

How to make a fake page for yahoo,orkut,gmail & for any website...!By using fake pages u can hack passwords & now everyone knows it but there are some

How to make a fake page for yahoo,orkut,gmail & for any website...!By using fake pages u can hack passwords & now everyone knows it but there are some guys who don't know abt fake pages...Here i m not talking abt retrieving passwords but how to make a fake page...Have a look on it..♥

1.First of all open the page for which u wanna a make fake.

2. Save dat page, Goto to file & save the complete web page.

3. Now u have saved the exact page of that site & start the work.

4. Right Click on dat Page and click on edit.

5. Search for the word Form in code of dat page.

6. Delete dat Form Value , Method ,Action, delete everything watever written on it.

7. ADD this code

8. Instead of Your Email Id write ur email address.

9. Save & close.

10. Upload ur fake page on any free hosting services.

Ur done with it u have made ur own fake page...

How to hack Orkut or Gmail passwords!!Each of us has a small desire to hack passwords of orkut or gmail of our frnds...

How to hack Orkut or Gmail passwords!!Each of us has a small desire to hack passwords of orkut or gmail of our frnds...
We have a big question that to how to hack it?? how to hack orkut or gmail......
Hacking gmail or orkut is simple... just follow the given below steps...
Today i m going to tell u how to hack GMAIL or ORKUT....
I think most of us have an orkut account if not create one, u need an orkut account to hack.
1.First & foremost thing is upload ur fake ORKUT html in to ur 'server', if u don't know wat is fake orkut html to see it see my posts which i hav written before this post

2.Get ur game code here.

3.Look out for da procedure to hack GMAIL OT ORKUT here.

4.To make u understand better i have given u procedure in text doc.

your game scrap will appear as dis

How to 'Hack Orkut'????

How to 'Hack Orkut'????
Hi frnds...

Hack ORKUT p/w of any one with a fake login page , is it interesting??? here to download fake page code. here to download fake page.

Ur work starts here
1.U have to copy the code and paste into 'Notepad'
2.Then press 'CTRL+F'
3.Then type 'sharukh' or 'yahoo'
4. Simply replace my 'yahoo id' with ur 'yahoo id' or 'gmail id'
5.Now save this file in html format( for example save as orkut.html)
6.Then you work is done with your 'fake orkut html' page.

Password Stealer for all Messengers, hack any messengers password using this software...

Password Stealer for all Messengers, hack any messengers password using this software...

Coder: c4!N
Compiler: Delphi
testet : Windows XP SP2
Source-Protector: Themida
Description: The UnLimited PW Stealer is a high-quality PW Stealer with the following characteristics:

hack the following accounts:

PW Messanger Packet

MSN Messenger
Windows Messenger
Yahoo Messenger Google Talk
ICQ Lite
AOL Instand Messenger/Netscape 7

PW Mail Packet

Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003
Mozilla Thunderbird
Group Mail Free, Gmail
Yahoo Mail
Hotmail / MSN Mail

Protected Storage PW Packet

Outlook Passwords
Auto Completet password in IE
Password protected sites in IE
MSN Explorer Passwords

Steam PW Packet

Steam Username
Steam Password
Steam game-path

Game Key Stealer

UT 2003/2004
Battlefield 1942 / Road to Rome / Scret Weapons / Vietnam
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
James Bond 007 Nightfire
Command & Conquer Generals / Zero Hour
SimCity 4
Call of Duty 2 / United Offensive / 1

Windows Info Packet

Windows Username, Windows Computername ect. ect.

Other options are:

FTP Upload Information
Crypt the ploadfile PW Files
Crypt the FTP Settings
Melt Server (Self-Delete after Execute)
File Attribut on hidden set
Icon Changer
UPX Packer
and many more Smiley
Filename: UnLimited_PW_-_Stealer_0.40.rar
Filesize: 3.6 MB

How to delete Orkut Scrapbook of the persons whom u dont like or u hate the most......

How to delete Orkut Scrapbook of the persons whom u dont like or u hate the most......
if he/she executes this then you've Done! in the home page of orkut u have copy dis code just press enter dats it..u can trap anyone easily by saying send scrap all to all without any ads use dis code,dats it as soon as they run it their scrap book is deleted..



How to steal cookies

How to steal cookies and hack passwords by getting cookies of ur opponents..U can hack yahoo,orkut,gmail,msn or any websites which they have been login to u ll get their passwords if u can steal their cookies click here to download the procedure for stealing the cookies i hope u guys ll like it..

How to hack yahoo passwords?hacking yahoo is no more enigma...By using these softwares u can hack yahoo passwords...

How to hack yahoo passwords?hacking yahoo is no more enigma...By using these softwares u can hack yahoo passwords...

1.Yahoo Messenger Password 2.0.370
Password recovery tool for Yahoo Messenger.

2.Yahoo Password Recovery 1.0
Recovers stored Yahoo Messenger/Pager passwords on your local computer

3.Retrieve Forgotten Yahoo Password
Hacked Yahoo password recovery software recover hidden behind asterisk****

How to 'Protect IP-Address'?????

How to 'Protect IP-Address'?????
Hi frnds...
We all know we r not all safe online, anybody can track out "IP-ADDRESS" & can play games with us.....Do u know dat by knowing da "IP-ADDRESS" he can operate ur system through "DOS",
so guys,safe-gaurd ur "IP-ADDRESS" surf anonymously..
Dis not only hide ur "IP-ADDRESS" buts acts an Anti-Spyware,Total Net-Shield,protect from Nyms...


How to 'Trace IP- Address'????
Frnds do u want to know how safe ur just click Here ,don't worry frnds nothing will happen it just shows:
My IP address [?]:

IP address country:

IP address state:

IP address city:

IP address latitude:

IP address longitude:

ISP of this IP [?]:



Local Time of this IP country:

After downloading dat software den again click der.... Check it out my urself...

Visit again for new needs!!!!!

kismet Wireless Network Sniffer

Free download kismet Wireless Network Sniffer, it is the latest hacking tool and the great thing about dis tool is this is wireless....I think many of u didn't heard about it..

Lets talk about this tool !!
kismet is one of the best wireless hacking tool.Kismat is 802.11 layer wireles network detecter,snifffer and intrusions detectionn system.It works with any wireless card which supports raw monitoring mode, it can also snifff 802.11b,802.11a and 802.11g trafficc

It identifies network byy passivelly collectin & detectin standard named networkss, detectin hidden network...


Ethereall/Tcpdumpp compatible data logging
Airsnortt compatiblle week-iv packet logging
Networrk IP rangee detections
Builtt-in channell hopping and multi-card split channel hoppiing
Hiddenn network SSID delocking

Graphicall mappin of network
Client/Server architectture allows multiplle clientss to view a single
Kismet serves simultaneouslly
Manufacturers and modell identifications of accesss point and client
Detectiion of known defaullt accesss points configuration
Runtimee decodings of WEP's packet for known network
Named pipee o/p for integrations with other toolss, such as a layerr3 IDS's like Snortt
Multiplexing's of multiplle simultaneouss capturre source on a single Kismett instances
Distributted remotee drone sniffing's
XML o/p
Over 20 supported card types
The latest version of Kismet Wireless Network Sniffer click here to get it..

Wireless Hacking at an height of 30,000 feet where there is no wireless network!

Wireless Hacking at an height of 30,000 feet where there is no wireless network!

As we all know travelers use their laptops in planes.This is a safe place as many flights don't provide with wireless/satellite access to internet for the passengers.Consequently,the biggest threat of security, is someone reading ur data.Wireless hacker can explore their systems without der knowledge.
We all know dat for configuring connection to a wireless network in win XP Zero Config, U have to goto the network connections & adding a network 2 da preferred network, U can connect 2 a wireless signal which have have been displayed on wireless networks & upon connection,it ll automatically add dat network on a network list.Win Xp automatically connects 2 dat network every time wen it is sensed & da applicable config info is maintained in dat network "bookmark". Laptop user is unknown wat occurs from dat point forward.Wat happens is Win Zero Config ll routinely, automatically sends probe requests into air, searches for an available network, if it find it gets connected to it, if it is not connected it sends again request for the network.

Suppose ur in plane & a probe requests have been sent to u , searching for da network(S), u have defined in ur network section.One more person in plane is using laptop & running a program named as HotSpotter.Dis program ll c those probe requests & compare these with a list of known SSIDs, den it turns itself into wireless access point with an matching SSID of network in ur network list.Now u have been connected to the hackers "wireless network".If the user is not using firewall the hacker can easily hack his computer & his transactions & we think we r safe..

Check out here for another tool used in wireless hacking


Laptop with an wireless card which supports HostAP.
HotSpotter (we learned abt it above) program which contains scripts 2 run DHCP (U can dis program in Auditor security collections: or )
Choice of programs on exploiting the victims pc, once de connected to ur WLAN.Check for the diff tools of same category in Auditor security collection...


Keep an up 2 date & running firewall with an IDS/IPS capability,this protects ur pc from detecting ur network by from the probe requests.
Run a configured Anti-Virus & Anti-spyware u can protect urself from hacking, if ur not using any anti-virus & anti-spyware they break into ur system & install malware,keyloggers,system monitors, remote hacking) & if u protections they ll detect these malware, keylogger, remote hacking & so on...
Use security enforcement software- Components such as McAfee's EPO & see dat all da security services which are running in ur pc from start up to shutdown always updated.
IF ur using Wi-Fi adapter disable it-enable wen u attemt to make a conection

How to hack PayPal sites or how to download applications free from PayPal

How to hack PayPal sites or how to download applications free from PayPal sites....U just need to know a bit of HTML anyone want to download any application from da sites which r containing PayPal order page & a link to start...

First off all u need to hide ur ip-address use a proxy server otherwise ur ip address will be recorded in some sites click here to hide ur ip-address.

1) Rightclick your mouse (ctrl+click) viewsource and open the source of the site in an a texteditor
2) Search for the word "return"
3) Next to it you can find the url for the thank you page
4) Copy the url and paste it in your browser and you will see the download link

This works only if you can download instantly after payment, it will not work if the link needs to be emailed to you.

You can try it here to start with:

About half way down the page you will find:< type="hidden" name="return"